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Konga, Why Take Eternity Refunding To Customer After Order Failure?


Konga Online Shopping Limited’s attention has been drawn to a media publication captioned Konga, Why Take Eternity Refunding To Customer After Order Failure? By Konga’s recored, we do not have a customer named Mayowa Olakunle none of our spokesperson goes by the name Ms. Foluke as reported.

Konga as a customer-centric company protects our customers and help make everything right when they shop on our platform. Konga has a Buyer Protection Policy which protects customers if the item ordered does not arrive, is damaged, or is substantially different from what was ordered. We therefore advise the writer of that story to desist in misleading the populace as we would never be involved in any unethical transaction which can bring our name to disrepute as we provide an online marketplace deserving of your trust.

Konga has been lovingly tending to our customers since we launched in 2012 by taking responsibility to provide a safe platform for buying and selling online in Nigeria very seriously. We do this by proactively screening for potential problems, by investigating issues brought to us and by responding quickly and appropriately. We are constantly working to ensure Konga is the safest and most trusted platform to buy and sell online in Nigeria by protecting and keeping our customers safe. This is our top priority as we monitor, listen, take action, protect and keep our customers safe with every purchase.

About Konga.com

Konga.com is Nigeria’s largest online mall. The company launched in July 2012 with a mission, ‘To Become the Engine of Commerce and Trade in Africa’. The company has recorded very rapid growth and in just 5 years, konga.com has built an operation that leads the market in customer satisfaction, merchandise shipped and innovation.

Konga began operations as a first party retailer investing in inventory and infrastructure to support the birth of ecommerce in the region. The company has now evolved to become Nigeria’s most vibrant online marketplace with close to 30,000 merchants registered and selling on the platform. With over 200,000 products listed on the site, spanning various categories including Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and much more; Konga is Nigeria’s largest online marketplace.

Konga has offices in Lagos, hubs in South Africa and China; with warehouses and distribution centers all over Nigeria.

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