On Friday, September 29, 2017, the chairman of Unique Gentlemen’s Club, Chief Tony Ojo and his delectable wife (Linda) were all smiles as another Unique Club berthed in Igbo-Efon, Lekki, Lagos. Friends and well wishers also turned-up to lend their support to the showbiz couple. Entertainment, of course, was in abundance. YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine’s AZUH LILIAN was there and she chatted the Edo-born businessman up. Enjoy…


Congratulations on the opening of the new branch of your Unique Gentlemen’s Club?
Thank you very much.
Why did you open a branch in Lekki?
It has so many reasons. One is that I have so many clients that come from Lekki to Ikeja to unwind with us and it’s quite a long distance for them to drive from Third Mainland Bridge every now and then to Ikeja. So, they actually motivated me to open a branch in Lekki.
What unique attractions should people expect from this new branch?
So many good things! We are expecting some foreign entertainers and a new style of gentlemen’s club. We are expecting a foreign management team as well.
Do you have plans of expanding outside Lagos?
Yes! Our next move will be Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. It’s our next destination. Because some of our clients too are based in Abuja. So, we intend to take the business to Abuja in order to be close to them. And to stop stressing themselves all the time to Lagos.
How soon should we be expecting the Abuja branch?
I just opened the new Lekki branch. It’s not easy, because the current economic situation is not smiling at anyone. So, I need some time to get myself together. But hopefully, next year, we should have a branch in Abuja.
Won’t the running of this new branch clash with the running of Ikeja branch?
No. Both of them are in different locations. Lekki’s crowd is different from Ikeja’s crowd. So, it’s not gonna affect it at all. Ikeja is stable, but Lekki is still a baby that we need to nurture very well.
Are you sure that Lekki residents are ready to embrace this new club in their vicinity?
Yes! They’ve started coming around already. Because they saw the signpost. Automatically, they are aware that Unique Club has now berthed in Lekki and they are happy about it. At least, they don’t need to drive down to Ikeja every night. They are really, really happy about it.

Why did it take you this long to set up Lekki branch?
I am into other businesses like automobile and I still need to put Ikeja branch of Unique Club up to the standard that I want and now I am satisfied. So, I decided to take Unique Club to Lekki so that my clients won’t be taking the risk of coming to Ikeja always. People are happy that Unique Club has now berthed on the Island, Lekki precisely.
Are you ready for the competition in this Lekki area?
Yes! I believe in competition, I strongly believe in it. Whatever I am doing, if nobody is in competition with me, then no point for me to continue doing it. There’s a lot of competition in Ikeja, so I don’t see it as a threat. It makes one to improve on whatever you are doing. When you have a competitor, it makes you to improve on whatever you are doing because if you don’t, you will never improve. That’s how I see competitors.
What were the challenges you encountered in setting up this Lekki branch?
Not much stress, because I already had that when I was setting up the Ikeja branch. We are serious, and I have spent twelve years in this business. So, it’s enough experience. To set up another branch, I don’t think there is too much challenge or stress. Because we’ve got a place, a perfect place, good location. That was what I wanted and I got it and I am happy about it.
Finally, what are your plans, vision and aspirations for Unique Gentlemen’s Club?
My plans and vision for Unique Gentlemen’s Club is to have foreign entertainers, have foreigners from all walks of life  come and have fun at Unique Gentlemen’s Club. I want to create an enabling environment for such things to happen. I want to make Unique Club very big and known worldwide. A place where people will come and enjoy themselves.
Unique Club should be a brand on its own. Because I am moving from here to Abuja. I want people to know that Unique Club is the best place to be.



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