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COSON Crisis Latest: Head Of Finance Rejects Efe Omoregbe’s AGM Offer

The COSON Board
Ms. Bernice Eriemeghe, Head, Finance and Administration, Copyright Society of Nigeria, has turned down a job offer from Mr. Efe Omoregbe who is challenging the authority of COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji.
Below is a copy of the letter which is in possession of YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine:

‘I have been informed that Mr.   Efe Omorogbe and his group have asked me to take over as Acting General Manager of COSON.

I am a woman of honour and I hereby say ‘No’ to what I consider a Greek gift and a scheme that will result in divide and rule. My colleagues and I in the Management of COSON jointly signed a letter  sent to the NCC in which we emphasized our position and informed them that issuing opaque directives to COSON which they know cannot be obeyed will result in chaos in the organization. We have also warned of our massive resignation should they continue to meddle in the internal affairs of the organization which we are capable of resolving. I have no intention of betraying my colleagues.

Furthermore, I was present at the COSON Extra- Ordinary General Meeting held in COSON Arena on December 19, 2017 when the members of COSON from every part of Nigeria spoke  loudly and clearly in one voice that Chief Tony Okoroji should remain as the Chairman among other issues. Please let us all respect the collective will of the majority of the members of COSON that we are all accountable to and represent their interest.

Mr. Efe Omorogbe is a very good friend of mine but the interest and desires of the members of COSON is most paramount at this point. It is a statement of fact that the members of COSON do not want Mr. Omorogbe as their Chairman at this time. That is clear to me. Anyone trying to force him on the members of COSON does not mean well for COSON as this clearly is capable of destroying the organization.

For the avoidance of doubt, I will continue to support Mr. Chinedu Angus Chukwuji as General Manager of COSON and Chief Tony Okoroji as Chairman.

Thank you.


Head of Finance & Administration’.

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