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Opinion (24/04/18): Rising Above Hurts & Disappointments – By Praise Fowowe


Dear |FNAME|
How much of yourself have you given others and how much of them have you received? Have you become the ATM to some of your friends such that you are only remembered when they are in need after which none remembers you when you need them? What does it feel like to be hurting yet unable to verbalize your hurts because you don’t want to hurt someone you love?
Ever heard the statement ‘Hurting people mostly hurt others’? I have realized that the world is filled with good people who seriously desire to help others but end up hurting them because their capacity to do good consistently has been suppressed by the hurts in them which has never been addressed. My NLP instructor taught me that people are doing the best they can with what they know and that belief system has helped him live with all kinds of people without getting into offence, I just realized that statement by him is another way of expressing the statement by Jesus that says ‘Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing’. That is not to say you allow people use you consistently because true love is kind but not stupid but the belief empowers you to go through life without any form of hurts or emotional pain & helps you to love without being held down by the baggage of hate.
How many times have you been assaulted by your Mr. 9ice that knelt down before the whole world to propose marriage to you? Or is your self esteem totally gone by his/her consistent comparison? Why do people hurt others & how do we develop that capacity to consistently hurt people even when the option of good is in you? Truth is until you develop the capacity not to be hurt ever again you will consistently feel hurt & disappointed by others which is a dis-empowering state.
I honour you
Praise Fowowe
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