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Rising Above Hurts & Disappointments – 3


She walked into my office troubled because the man she had given her totality to just dumped her for another woman which was exactly what her father did to her mother. According to her she was responsible for his upkeep for 3years in 4years of marriage until he met a rich woman who began to give him contacts and money and he became abusive. ‘I did all I could to avoid a man like my father & felt I made the right choice cos he was very committed in church as the HOD of the music department but he turned out to be like my father. All men are the same’ she concluded apparently forgetting that she was sitting before another man.
Hurts and disappointments are significant emotional experiences in our lives that could alter our entire life & perception if not well handled because it could lead to generalization which holds many bound for the rest of their lives.
The formation of the human mind is like building the foundation of a house called you in a jar with 3 compartments. The building materials used in constructing this foundation is why you act the way you do and process things the way you do at the moment. There is unconscious software that runs in everyone of us that if we don’t intentionally uninstall and install something new will keep producing a result that we detest. Why do good people do bad & why do we sometimes find ourselves in situations that we detest or we are not proud of? The answer is in the software that runs your life. Most times the software goes through 3 different software companies namely ‘my upbringing PLC. My Environment Inc & my significant emotional experience ltd. The input of these 3 seals your fate & determines what you accept as right or wrong & sometimes overpowers your right & gets you into what you detest even after making a vow that leaves you wondering what happened? Are you willing to uninstall your current operating systems?

I honour you

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