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Otedola Insists He’s Not Eyeing Ambode’s Job In 2019

Femi Otedola

Unlike his late father, Sir Michael Otedola who ‘miraculously’ became the Governor of Lagos State, billionaire Forte Oil boss, Femi Otedola has stated, both categorically and unequivocally, that he is not interested in governing the state of his birth or contesting against the incumbent, Akinwunmi Ambode in 2019.

Rumours of Otedola’s governorship ambition had swirled all over town recently following his new found interest in the social media. The rumour, as a matter of fact, went viral with an incognito video of him inside Molue, which trended for days. And attracted loads of comments and permutations.

But in a swift response via his Twitter handle, @realFemiOtedola, the bearded and rugged businessman shredded the rumour. And even went further to salute Ambode’s industry and beautiful works.

According to the white sokoto and buba lover: ‘My attention has been drawn to a news piece where false information from a parody account was posted.

‘I am a man of the people and I will always be on the side of the masses but I am stating clearly via this medium that I am not running for office.

‘The Governor of Lagos State is doing a commendable job and Lagosians are proud of him’.


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