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Hardball: How Most Akwa Ibomites See Gov. Udom Emmanuel, By Clement Ikpatt

Udom Emmanuel

Countdown to Elections 2019, three unmistakable profiles of Udom Emmanuel have emerged and are currently trending across the State.

Most Akwa Ibomites believe that Gov. Udom Emmanuel:

*1. Has Poor Leadership Skills And Capacities*

Udom was as green as they come when adopted and initiated into Akwa Ibom politics. For one year, as Secretary to the State Government, he was “hyped up” and in preparation was made to undergo an intensive crash course in leadership.

That crash course was designed to make a good leader out of any average student. But not Udom Emmanuel who, by his performance record so far, does not possess or reflect good leadership capacities. It is either he was deliberately impervious or he pretended through the training just to get pushed into the Hilltop Mansion.

*2. Is Hypocritical In Style*

For example, claiming a cordial relationship with his predecessor is just in order to get himself reelected. But, the buzz is that if Udom manages to get a second term, yawa go gas.

In January 2018, Udom needlessly tested his political muscle against Senator Godswill Akpabio. Quickly, he discovered that his drama was an unstrategic political suicide mission for which costs were incorrectly counted. Hypocritically, he backed off to fly the cordial relationship kite.

For now , Udom’s leadership style remains an ambush waiting to openly “turn tiger” against all of Akpabio’s legacies from May 29 2019. If reelected, most Akwa Ibomites, even as many of his supporters do privately, believe that Udom will unleash extreme difficulties on the State in years  ahead.

*3. Serially Lies To The People*

June 2018 has spunned a lot of bad reviews against Gov. Udom Emmanuel. Embattled and weakened by critics, the governor has been repeatedly caught lying about almost every project he claims and commissions.

The fact that he needlessly lies about non existent or poorly developed projects embarrasses and troubles most Akwa Ibomites.

° Udom claims that he has constructed over 1,700 kilometers of roads across Akwa Ibom State, but is fuzzy with details. Given that length of newly constructed roads, averaging about 60 kilometers per Local Government Area, Akwa Ibomites should be able to see and drive upon them.

° Udom claims to have partnered with Greenwell Technologies for the construction of Nigeria’s largest Fertilizer Blending Plant. But, what he commissioned, which has allegedly gulped billions from a State guaranteed loan, is an old and neglected warehouse converted for the repackaging of fertilizer products.

° Udom claims to have imported 100 container load  of new medical equipment for use in General Hospitals and Health Centers across the State. But we can’t really see them.

° Udom claims that he inherited an undisclosed huge debt burden from his predecessor. But, it has been revealed that he inherited a debt burden of less than N60 billion and a flowing stream of revenue from his predecessor.

° Still on the debt burden lie, Udom repeatedly claimed that the reason he cannot complete old and embark on many new projects is because of monthly payment for debts. But, Udom has since restructured and secured long term payment facilities for debts. With a monthly revenue averaging more than N18 billion, Udom lied about unavailability of funds for projects.

If Udom Emmanuel knew anything about being honest with Akwa Ibomites, he should have since suspended or fired all subordinates responsible for MDAs from which these improprieties come. So far, he refuses to even acknowledge any wrongdoing, often ignoring Akwa Ibomites with unbelievable arrogance and temerity.

Folks, remember that your must-cast vote is a tool. Use it to stop weak and corrupt leadership, use it to vote for honest and accountable persons with strong leadership potentials.


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