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Media Practice Deteriorating, Says FAJ

Faj and other participants

The Advanced Clinic is a four-week intensive course on ‘Language Use and Reporting Skills’ for Bloggers, Print and Broadcast Journalists, Publicists, Writers, Secretaries and all who care to improve their communicative skills. Basically, the training provides the core knowledge required to be better practitioners, in speech with proper diction, clarity, non-vernacular; and in writing with correct spelling and punctuation, without abbreviations, slangs, jargons, etc.

Mr. Femi Akintunde-Johnson (FAJ), the programme’s Coach, has lamented the deterioration in quality media practice in Nigeria, jocularly regretting that, in journalism, some quacks have retired after long inglorious practice! Participants at the training are also taught how to avoid clichés and colloqualism, bad grammar and tautology, salutations and addresses, structural deficiencies, concord and proximity, among others.

To function effectively and benefit maximally during the class, participants must obey instructions given by the Coach, as well as pay adequate attention. They also need to respond briefly and clearly to discussions, questions, comments, and avoid needless and prolonged arguments.

Aside the ambience of the class, participants are always encouraged to interact with Coach FAJ during lectures. A participant, an experienced journalist currently working with a top online platform, Gbenga Bada, enthuses, “My time at the Advanced Clinic With FAJ was an eye-opener. It helped me understand some of the little mistakes that have become norm in news reports. The class also helped me sharpen my editing skills – now, my editor can be sure of error-free news stories and articles”.

Yet another participant, Adeyemi Adeye, reminisces, “I was so confident my performance would be very impressive to the coach, that I would be one of the best students in class. The feelings changed as soon as I realised I had been fooling myself, thinking I was a good creative writer… my mistakes were so visible… they were mostly little things that really should matter but which we over-look…”.

Participants may also enjoy guest lectures from other renowned and experienced media practitioners, such as Mr. Tokunbo Ojekunle (GM of Max Radio FM), Mr. Richard Akinnola (Director of Media Law Centre, Abuja) and Mr. Muyiwa Akintunde (COO at TPT International).

At the end of the training, participants are awarded certificates which grades are based on performance on assignments, attendance and interactions in class. The next Advanced Clinic is slated for August 18 to September 8, 2018. And the fee is, in the words of a young participant, Perekeme Dubre, “a privilege when compared to the invaluable knowledge you will get”.

For the inaugural workhop, participants were drawn from TopRadio 90.9 FM, City 105.1 FM, The Eagle Online newspaper, nmencore.com, buckwyldmedia.com, among others.

The ‘Advanced Clinic for Language Use And Reportorial Skills’ holds every Saturday of the stated period at a convenient and comfortable venue off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos from 10am-2.30pm. One of the attractive features is a 20% discount for multiple registrations from same source.

To reserve a seat, or for more information, please call 08033150547 (or send SMS or WhatsApp message). Registration ends August 8, 2018.


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