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Duncan George Limited Launches CarXie For Easy Road Transportation 


As a way of providing easy and comfortable road transportation for the residents of Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, Duncan George Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with its foreign partners, has launched CarXie into the market.

CarXie is a mobile taxi booking App developed in Nigeria by Duncan George Limited with foreign collaboration and it is a platform to connect riders to drivers using a comfortable, secure, safe and affordable platform.

In his speech at the launch of CarXie on Friday July 27, 2018 at Ace Olivia, City Mall, Onikan, Lagos, the organisation’s Operations Director, Mr. Chinedu Amadi said that CarXie and another product of the  company,  Swift2Pay were designed to enhance competitiveness and reduce the stress of doing business in Nigeria.

CarXie, Mr. Amadi said, is another opportunity for Nigerians to patronize goods and services designed by Nigerians to address the needs of the Nigerian populace with reference to mobile transportation.

He advised that Nigerians, corporate organisations and individual, should download the CarXie App in any of these two categories-as driver or car owner, a rider or a partner.

“CarXie is conceptualised to be beneficial to any category you download. CarXie Executive Programme was inspired to create additional employment for Nigerians through the opening of CarXie outlets for Vehicle and Driver registrations and inspections,” Amadi said.

He urged governments of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at all levels to continue to improve on the road network across the country, saying that this would help in delivering people and goods to their destination at shorter time, resulting in money saving benefits.

According to him, the greatest advantage of home grown technology design is it’s ability to effectively solve local problems as CarXie is designed to do.

“For example, the App is conceptualised with features that, among other things, make car theft and kidnapping impracticable as a rider is expected to issue his Bank Verification Number (BVN) as a means of social identification, each vehicle is automatically tracked, and voice chats are possible during rides.

“The driver and vehicle verification exercises are so thorough that they yield only courteous and comfortable service.

“In addition, there are three tiers of supervisory partnerships embedded in the CarXie offer to ensure quality and trust-the Executive Partners, the State Partners and the Regional Partners.  These categories create additional 5,000 jobs for Nigerians through the opening of CarXie outlets for Vehicle and Driver registrations, and inspections.

“When fully operational, CarXie is expected to provide employment for 36,000 Nigerians. A huge significance that should elicit a patriotic patronage from all Nigerians. CarXie also reduces the amount Nigeria loses daily through capital flight to foreign companies.

“If we are forced by limited access to technology to be dependent on foreign airlines there is no reason why we should depend on foreign cab companies for our intra/intercity rides.

“At CarXie, we have put in place global standards to ensure the maximum satisfaction for the commuter-set a code of conduct for drivers based on international best practices, equipped drivers and cabs with state of the art technology to deliver timely and affordable services, only cars manufactured from 2008 and above can get registered on CarXie,” he stated.

The Operations Manager also spoke about Swift2Pay, which he said is easy to use payment gateway and card to ensure only someone’s wallet-like feature is exposed to online transactions.

He said that Swift2Pay has additional features including ATM, saying that it is an innovation to ensure that Nigerians can move around with a smart wallet.

The ceremony, which was attended by dignitaries from all walk of life, earlier featured a Defensive Driving Seminar for drivers, which was handled by the Director of Operations of Collegial Continental Limited, Mrs. Daniella Adefolaju.


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