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Are You At Peace As A Parent


Hello Friends,

Parenting is one thing that causes fear for any parent. One of the greatest fears in their heart is how well thier kids would turn out eventually especially in the 21st century where new concepts shows up at the speed of thought.

In the last 2 years we have discovered;

  • An average busy executive spends less than 12 hours of undivided attention with their kids weekly no thanks to their busy schedule
  • Fortunately 8 out of every 10 surveyed confessed they would have loved to create more time with their children
  • 7 out of every 10 confessed that they struggle to keep up with social media exposure of their kids.

Parenting has become a major global issue with the spate of drug use, terrorism and gangster shootings across the world especially in the United states of America. If it is true that the first environment a child finds himself is the family then this means who a child truly become can be scripted and engineering intentionally from the family if the parents have a clear template to achieve this. How else do we explain effective parenting when young people are involved in Drug use, Pornography & masturbation, Bullying, Cultism, Lack of father to child connection. We have had a few isolated cases where some of them have perfect hatred for their parents.

Praise Fowowe International is introducing an Executive Parenting Program where we will be introducing one of the easiest to understand parenting template that will simplify your parenting journey which is the Parenting Quadrant model which was developed last year after 7years of intense research.

Kindly reach motolani on 08108571139 to book a seat in our next Out of the Box Parenting class which holds 13th and 14th, October 2018. 


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