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5 Amazing Things You Must Not Miss As ‘33’ Export Friendship Parties Return

Fun seekers at ‘33’ event

Residents of the Centre of Excellence, Lagos are certainly grinning with a great deal of anticipation and excitement as the 33” Export Friendship party reloaded is set to resume on their shores and it promises loads of of entertainment, fun, and lots more.
Here are the 5 reasons you shouldn’t miss the “33” Export Friendship Parties for anything in the world.

Yes!, there might be other ways and activities whereby friends can connect, but trust me if you haven’t had the experience of a friendship party, you are definitely missing out. The Friendship party is a time to connect with friends and loved ones, so go ahead, invite a friend from out of town, a distant cousin or a far off relative and know that you have brought them to the very best of bonding experiences in a unique way. Believe me when i say, it’s going to be lit.

When last have you been engaged in games like Beer Pong, Cheese, Connect 4, and Jenga? Well, at the 33” Export friendship parties you would be privy to such interesting and fun games. Other games are available are Pool, Football, Ludo and games, which will be on board for friends and family to have fun and get entertained as the night of bliss wears on with and get entertained.

What better way to unwind, relax and enjoy yourself after a stressful day at work if not with great vibes from the music supplied by our talented range of renowned Dj’s on show; like Dj Real, Dj Kentalky who will be on ground to dish out hit tracks and give you smooth vibes back to back. Trust me when I say hit tracks!

It’s never a dull moment at the 33” Export friendship parties because the Master Compere (Mc) and Comedians themselves, Mc Bash and Mc Shakara will be entertaining the audience with interesting and funny jokes/comics that will make you laugh and forget all your worries. We call them Masters of Laughter.

In the spirit of saving the best for the last, the 33” Export Friendship party is just an avenue to chill, relax, wine and dine with friends, there will also be lots of amazing prizes such as refrigerator, power generators, hair clippers, standing fans and more to be won by guest/consumers at the 33” Export Friendship party in Lagos. Remember, E Fit Be You ooo!!!

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