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OPJ: How I Fell Out With Wazobia FM

Opute Pius Junior

Popular On-Air Personality with Wazobia FM, Oputa Pius Junior, aka OPJ, has called it quits with the Pidgin-English station.

The Isoko, Delta State indigene allegedly fell out with the management because of his hard knocks on the government, and which he is not ready to soften.

Commenting on his exit, the presenter of Evening Oyoyo, alongside other programmes, had this to say: ‘ I, Opute Pius Junior, aka Diplomatic OPJ, hereby wield this medium to officially announce to the public and our teeming fans that I and my radio TEAM that comprises of FISAYO, NAJITE AND VANESSA are no longer with WAZOBIA FM nor with any other sister station under AIM GROUP.

‘For avoidance of undue speculations and suspicions, I chose to advance reasons for my EXIT here.

‘It should be kindly noted that my employers ordinarily wouldn’t have let me go but was pressured to pressure me to ask for the termination of my employment.

‘It should also be known that I am not in the list of BOUGHT-OVER JOURNALISTS and never been known to have been receiving brown envelopes from politicians to sing their praises.

‘There are so much things to say but let me point out my suspected offences in a repressive system.

‘I never said what all Nigerian politicians but very few wanted to hear .

‘I refused to be biased and partisan in my stand point in my critical analysis of political affairs and anti-people government policies that never bettered the lives of the Nigerian people.

‘I want to say here that I’ve never been inciting in my presentation on radio and I haven’t been fined by Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) for breaching the broadcasting code but a few warning letters had been received which is normal anyway.

‘It should be reckoned that with my many years of practical experience in broadcasting from FRCN I should be able to perform my duty within the ambit of the NIGERIA BROADCASTING CODE and FREEDOM OF INFORMATION BILL.

‘It should also be noted that while the previous administration absorbed criticisms from the media and majorly from the opposition parties including the now ruling APC government , this regime is not tolerant of criticism.

‘I am also of the feeling that my management feared that the bulldozers that demolished a part of Ayefele’s music house in Ibadan may soon come to WAZOBIA FM in Lagos and so without consultation or notice the management decided to send me on a 3-Month compulsory Leave to commence in September 1st till December 1st 2018 .

‘Lo and behold I rejected the unsolicited 3 months compulsory leave especially when I realised that the same management never granted me such a long stay off work when my wife passed on 2 years ago and requested the management to terminate my EMPLOYMENT and pay me off without further delay.

‘Sequel to my demand, my EMPLOYMENT was reluctantly terminated 3 weeks after and now I am free to take up employment else where.

‘No doubt it was ten years of productive and meritorious service to WAZOBIA FM…´

The fun-dispensing presenter thanks all his fans and crew members, with a vow to ‘resurrect’ on another radio station soon.


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