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Pastor Chris Okotie: I Won’t Marry Again, But May Adopt A Child!

Pastor Chris Okotie

Controversial preacher of the gospel and erstwhile pop star, Pastor Chris Okotie, has dropped another bombshell.

The flamboyant founder of the Household of God Church, with headquarters in Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos, says he’s done with marriage.

The presidential candidate of the Fresh Party made the shocking revelation in an exclusive interview with Saturday Punch.

Okotie, who had been married and divorced twice – first to Tina and second to Stephanie – also hinted subtly at adoption.

Below are exactly what he said:

There are people who like to know if you still have plans for marriage; will you still get married?

About my amorous propensity towards women, I’m a servant of God and as we walk along, we will experience all manner of vicissitude, verisimilitude, prevarications, etc, but one thing is clear, knowledge and wisdom shall be the stability of your times and strength of salvation (Isaiah 33:6). I have come to recognise that there were things I did in terms of my marital status that did not have divine permission. They were based on my personal desires, propensities, proclivities, predilections and things like that, but I have come to a point where I recognise now that it is God and God alone for me. And so, I won’t make those mistakes anymore. At my age of 60, you disengage yourself from carnal propensities and thoughts and yearnings that drown the soul and you break away from those things and you mount up with wings like eagles and embrace the reality of what God and destiny have set aside for you. I have come to that point in my life, and so marriage is no longer a part of my future.

Do you mean you won’t get married again?

Exactly, and if it’s about having a child, you can adopt a child. There is work to be done for the Lord and I have committed myself to that and I have decided I would yield myself to Him. If you read 11 Corinthians 7, Paul’s admonition to us is that we should not marry if we have work to do because it could be an obstruction. But again, it’s entirely up to you. I have come to that understanding of my future that that is no longer part of God’s plan for me. So, I have disengaged myself from such amorous propensities…

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