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After Over A Dozen Failed IVF, Ex-Beauty Queen, Ibidunni Ighodalo Adopts Two Babies, Thanks Hubby For His Understanding

Ibidunni Ighodalo and her two children
Pastor Ituah Ighodalo and wife, Ibidunni

Maiden Miss Lux and Pastor Ituah Ighodalo’s wife, Ibidunni, has now settled for adoption, after spending millions of Naira on over a dozen IVF (Invitro Fertilization) that unfortunately failed.

Mrs. Ighodalo, owner of Elizabeth R, one of the leading event management companies in Nigeria, took to her FB page recently, showering praise on her husband for his understanding and also asking rhetorically how she would have coped, considering societal demands and expectations from a woman.

Mrs. Ighodalo’s husband runs Trinity House, a popular church that is based in highbrow Lekki/Victoria Island axis of Lagos.

Hear her.

Part 1…..

Dear God,

Where do I start? You are such a loving and kind Father it’s incomparable. Your wisdom and might is unrivaled as is your knowledge. You know the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end because time truly exists in you.
You knew me before you formed me and you knew my life’s journey and you prepared for me every step of the way…. My choice of a life partner though questioned by many was a divine masterpiece by you… You already saw the struggles and you knew the perfect fit for me… you knew who could handle the storms of life with me and you blessed me with a wonderful husband, friend and lover. Ever so supportive and loving. Supportive through almost a dozen episodes of IVF, never wavering, there for every test and doctors appointment. With all the societal pressures and shaming you held me and comforted me in my low times. Even when that did not work out you were already planning something mind blowing. How else could I explain the burden you laid on my husband heart to establish an orphanage even before our marriage? This same orphanage gave me my beautiful daughter who again has your hand in her life. Born on the same day as myself and named by her dad after me (such prophecy) and brought to the orphanage. Even when I did not recognize your hand it was there till our eyes saw that which was always in front of us. Again ever supportive, my husband was in support of our choice to go in that direction. The way you piece our lives jigsaw puzzles astounds me continually papa. Out of the blue a call comes to my phone and my darling aunt says I’ve seen your son. Come and pick him…. Not a clue to the process I started in faith and you made a way and Zenan became ours…. Even when I’m not thinking about myself you are thinking about me and putting my thoughts in the hearts of people. Seeing my son is a moment I would never forget. The bond was instant, and love was in full flow. How could I ever have orchestrated my life as perfectly as you have done. I’m so glad I have you papa because your ways are not my ways and your hand is evident in my life….

Thank you Father for making a way, for guiding me, for holding me, for giving me joy, for sending me peace and for completely showing my family Favour. Papa my prayer would not be complete if I don’t ask you to open the eyes of my other women trusting you for the fruit of the womb to have an open mind to different ways of becoming a ‘MOTHER’. So many children are out there looking for love and a home to call their own. I pray they experience the joy of motherhood as I do now and open their hearts to you to listen to as many options as your have provided….. Adoption does not mean you have failed them but is a way of showing what blessings you have in store for them if only they will yield to You…. a blessing which is priceless… I thank you for my two adorable kids, I could never trade them for anything in the world…. looking forward to your instruction on looking after more children 🤣 😍

Love you endlessly papa

Yours Forever

Ibidunni your beloved.

📸 TY Bello ❤️



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