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Discovery By Olakunle Yusuf (8/11/18): Never Procrastinate!

Olakunle Yusuf

“And every man that hath this hope in Him purifies himself, even as he is pure’’. 1 John 3:3


Two little girls were talking in school one day, and one said to the other, ‘I hear the school board is making an inspection of our school this week’.

The other girl’s desk was messy, so she said, ‘ I’ll clean it up tomorrow’.

The first one asked, ‘But what if they come today?’

His friend said, ‘You know, I think I’ll clean it up right now- and keep it clean’.

If you knew that Jesus was coming to your house this afternoon, would there be any cleaning you would need to do? Any magazines or videos you would need to trash? Any pictures or posters on the wall you would need to take down?

Never procrastinate!

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