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All The Gist On How MTN Pulse Invasion Rocked DELSU

Harrysong and fans at the event

Stew? Sauce? Stew? Hold on, we are trying to find which one fits better. But none quite fits. How do we combine stew and sauce together? See, that’s the only way we can explain what happened at DELSU last week. Choi!

The MTN Pulse Invasion came through and everything had to stop. Literally, stop! Forget all the goodness you’ve heard about the event (there have been pretty great times), the DELSU invasion went even further (we didn’t think that was even possible!) and now we are wondering if it’s possible to even top it.

But if we have learnt anything from all the invasions at theTertiary Institutions in Ife, Abeokuta, Calabar- it is that, “The Invasion Will Blow Your Mind”!

Um, we are not slowing down. We can’t, even if we tried. It was four days of ‘fun-tastic’ and DELSU cannot forget all that happened in a hurry. We’ll give you a peep into some of the things that thrilled us! Just a little peep. *grin*

1. Harry Songs Is Not on Our Level!

If you can get hundreds of screaming university students to yell every single line of your song for an hour, then check back with us. Until then, read and learn.

Harry Songs was the Celebrity for the Surprise Visit and booooy was DELSU surprised! The school turned upside down when the star stepped on the field! The screams reached a pitch that announced to Abraka in clear terms – ‘the Invasion was awesome!’ The ‘Gala’ singer did not disappoint, and his energy was unbelievable. We loved every minute of it!

2.  The Pulse Talk Series Will Soon Turn Us into Pros.

At this rate, every person who attends the series will be a pro of some sort. The kind of wisdom and experience that you get at each edition is something else.

Jide Odukoya, professional photographer, gave us a sneak peek into what hard work looks like. “Strive to be the best in all that you do”, he advised candidly.

Life Coach and Business Strategist, Steve Harisson, explained how failure can never hold us down. “Life offers you failure, whether you accept or reject it is up to you.”

Learning from those who have been there, done that and have succeeded is an unmissable experience.

3. Can Games be Sexy?

Lol! Girls were screaming their wigs off when the guys got into a push up game…. We knew girls could scream, but we didn’t know they could hit those decibels. Hehehehe!

Then the guys turn came when the girls decided to twerk their way through a game.

The raffle draws left the students even happier especially when people won brand new phones.

We are in fun overload and the rumour spreading around is that the fun fest continues! We are smiling like crazy right now.


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