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I just got back from Enugu for our inaugural out of the Box parenting session. It was one of the best outings for me but one that also made me see the level of work we need to do.

I learnt first hand how culture can affect our interpretation of scriptures and how many kids can be damaged in our bid to discipline them. God bless Pastor Edwin for the amazing work he is doing in that region.

One of the basic transformation moments for them was when I started showing the hypocrisy of culture and the role of vested interest.

A culture that believes a male child is more important than female will suddenly regard her and prefer her should she become the governor of the state.

Unfortunately many serve the interest of a culture whose origin they don’t understand as a matter of fact many are willing to die for a culture that may never go to war on their behalf should they get killed or kidnapped.

Who owns your culture?
Whose interest does the culture serve?
Is your culture after your interest?
How has your culture affected your parenting style?

If we all embrace a culture that gives every child a chance and creates an enabling environment for every potential to find expression then we will rise from the ashes of our present mediocrity and move into excellence because your job as a parent is not to domestic a child to become cultural except your culture promotes love, equal opportunities and respect for human lives.

The most important tribe is humanity and the most important culture must be love. Where love isn’t powered by knowledge and exposure it becomes subjective and many kids may never realize their potentials.

Here is our video for the week https://youtu.be/l1ssQN0mXgE

Our 21 day parenting challenge for everyone that has gotten the out of the Box parenting book will soon kick off. It’s free if you have the book. I hope you are ready?

I honour you


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