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How Backyard Fashion Show Proved That The Future Of African Fashion Is In Safe Hands

A shot from Backyard Fashion Show

Regardless of where you stand on the prospects of the fashion landscape in Nigeria, Nigeria’s fashion industry clearly has huge potentials and the world is beginning to notice. Some leading names in the fashion industry such as Mai Atafo and Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi have proven that the Nigerian fashion scene is a viable industry.  


With Lagos Fashion Week still fresh in the minds of many, Heineken partnered with Backyard Bar And Grill to bring together some of the most talented designers in the fashion underground scene.


The night featured various models grace the runway wearing some beautifully designed clothes.

The show which was themed “Africanism” had an ambience which felt wholly African and very original.


All in attendance were pleasantly surprised at the level of creativity on display as designers who showcased awe-inspiring designs and clothing lines includes Johnny Lingo, Doo by Iyanu, Ina and Denike.


“We expected to see something this special but we didn’t expect to be this blown away. It’s impressive to see so many talented fashion designers under one roof. I hope this platform gives them the opportunity to take their craft to the next level.” Those were the remarks of fashion enthusiast, Akin Faminu.


With so many creative fashion pieces on display, it was without a doubt, an exciting night of style and this is a fine reminder of how far the Nigerian fashion industry has come.


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