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AVN Plans Magic Moments For Less Privileged Children

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With over 17 million children orphaned in Nigeria, Africa volunteer network (AVN), has decided to inspire and work with less privileged children to bring their dreams into reality through the Magic moment initiative.

Magic moment, a unique concept from AVN, is hinged on celebrating less privileged children. This Saturday, December 29, the group will be hosting less privileged children to the viewing of hit box office movie, The Greatest Showman at Meadow hall Schools, Lekki, where they will also be treated to amazing and interesting outdoor games and activities.

The initiative is focused primarily on motherless and abandoned children, living in orphanages, with an objective to inspire and awaken the imagination of every child.

Magic Moment is a flagship initiative of Africa Volunteer Network (AVN), a group focused on inspiring and working with less privileged children across Africa, with a goal to help provide for their needs and create a platform that allow them to turn their dreams into reality.

Speaking on the upcoming event,  the convener, of Africa Volunteer Network (AVN), Mobo Akpene said,  “For us, it is about reminding these children that dreams are a big part of our lives as individuals and although their circumstances may have forced them to lose that belief, magic moment would always serve as a reminder for them to keep their dreams alive and work to turn them into reality. It is also worth of note, that our commitment as volunteers, goes beyond the themed event. Through our platform, AVN, also works with these kids across established value chains, leveraging our networks and expertise, to help them turn their dreams into reality”.

Magic moment 2018, is in partnership with the Vigilant Heart Charitable Society (VHCS), an orphanage home established by Mrs. Maria Iriowen Osawemen in 1999.

AVN hopes to extend magic moment to more orphanages next year, as more work is done towards creating inspiring moments for the less advantaged children in the society.

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