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5 Arena Games We Want To See On This Season Of Big Brother Naija


As the new season of Big Brother draws closer, we can’t help but start reminiscing about the elements of the show that made a true household phenomenon. On the list of Big Brother Naija segments, the arena games definitely rank high. We are super excited about what new and challenging games the show makers will debut this season.

Until the show returns this June, however, let’s take a walk down memory lane to our top five arena games of last season.

  1. The Maze – This arena game is a fan favourite and it’s not hard to see why. The maze forces housemates to reach within themselves and think under pressure. As expected, many crack under pressure making the win for this challenge even more victorious for the winner.

  1. The Egg Race – Without a doubt one of the most fun games of the season, the egg race has also been a supplier of many Big Brother memes. Watching fans root for their favs during this suspenseful arena game can be more exhilarating than the game itself.

  1. The Obstacle Course – The grandest example of survival of the fittest on the Big Brother Naija show, the obstacle course pushes the housemates to their limits. The game, which in many ways is a metaphor for the show, is a truly exciting watch as its intensity stays at a nail-biting climax throughout the game.

  1. The Puzzle Challenge – While physical challenges have proven to be exciting to watch, mentally tasking challenges in many ways is more riveting. Huge props to the show’s makers for creating a balance of both mentally and physically challenging games to test the housemates.

  1. Rock Climb – Big Brother Naija always had a ball during the rock climb challenge last year as they tried to guess which housemate will come out victorious. From guessing to rooting for their favs, the rock climb was one of the most engaging challenges for fans back at home.

Which of these games would you like to see on Big Brother Naija when it returns to DStv and GOtv in June?

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