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Eight-hour Standard Work May Require Additional 300,000 Workforce – Arase

Former Inspector General of Police Mr. Solomon Arase, in a press statement
said the new shift work arrangement for the Nigeria Police might need
additional manpower to succeed, adding that about 300,000 officers might
have to be recruited  for the  eight-hour shift.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with one of our correspondents in Abuja
on Friday, the retired police boss said, “The figure is difficult to
prescribe because if you have a strength of 300,000, you are looking at
having additional 300,000 again and that’s not feasible within the space of
four years,  because you have to start recruiting about 10,000 officers per
recruitment exercise over a period of time. Even if you recruit 10,000 men
each time, how long will that take you and the (training) schools can’t
accommodate the recruits.
“The main thing is thinking outside the box, having more of technical
platform, using intelligence, using motorised patrols. All these are the
issues they should be talking about.”
He  suggested redeployment of redundant officers  at  Force Headquarters,
the zonal formations and other commands to fill the quota for the new shift
work proposed by  Adamu.
Arase  added, “They could push them into operations. He  (Adamu) can take
them to areas of need. That could be an interim arrangement.”
According to the  lawyer, the police have  about 350,000 operational
personnel,  a percentage of which  protects private individuals.
Arase  said  modern policing was  not about numerical strength, but the
deployment of technology.
He said, “If you look at most of the  crises that have happened across the
world, the detection of those crises was  dependent on how robust the
technical platform is.

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