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Whatever I Am Today, I Thank My Wife For, Says Veteran Journalist, Bayo Onanuga

Bayo Onanuga and wife

Veteran journalist and News Agency of Nigeria boss, Bayo Onanuga, can’t just stop loving and celebrating his wife, Toyin.

Married for 30 years now and still having a blast, a rave and a groove, the former editor in chief of TheNews and Tempo magazines recently took to his FB to heap encomiums on the love of his life and mother of his only child:

‘How time flies! I can’t believe that I have been married to my beautiful wife for 30 years. Every day, she still looks like the young lady I met in 1988, in her parents’ home and straightaway made the decision to marry her, moments after some introduction.

‘Our relationship was consummated on 25 May 1989. I have never regretted the decision.

‘Since then, she has been more than my wife, lover and mother of our lovely Barrister daughter Tobi. She is my first editor, Chief adviser and everything else.

‘I remember three years after our wedding in April 1992 that I needed to take a life-changing, life-defining decision whether to remain in Concord as editor following the demand by the publisher that I write a letter of apology to Gen. Babangida . She was then heavily pregnant. And I was heavily broke. I was stunned when she advised me to quit the job, rather than subject myself to the humiliation of an apology.

“How are we going to survive?,’ I asked.

“We shall manage with my income”, she said.

‘With home support guaranteed, I had no problem penning my resignation in April 1992. The rest is history.

‘Then came the guerrilla years, the June 12 struggle, when our job as journalists became nomadic and dangerous, when we stayed out of our homes, to avoid endangering the home front, weeks of being locked up by the SSS or the Police. Then also came months of exile in the US before Gen. Abacha’s death. My wife weathered through all the travails, along with our daughter.

‘Whatever I am today, I thank her for it.
And I hope both of us will still be around for many more years in love and harmony.’

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