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Don’t Appoint Lai Mohammed As Minister

The attention of the National Body of Omo Igbomina has been drawn to
the above statement credited to one Chief J.B Ayeni and Mr Jide Usman
at the press conference conducted on the 22nd of May, 2019 by the duo.
The unfortunate statement was recorded.
Our Socio-Cultural Body led by Engr Timothy Niyi Adebayo (FNSE) home
and abroad would have let this matter fizzle out naturally, more so it
is a dialectic of party politics affecting the entire Kwara south.
However there is the need to put straight available records to the
teaming supporters of the Hon. Minister and those on the other side.
A careful study of their grouse against the Hon Minister shows
calculated mischief and blackmail. According to them, ‘the Hon
minister is not home-based, he doesn’t relate with the home-based
politicians; he is also accused of having mismanaged election fund and
On the strength of the above figment of their imagination; they called
for the rejection of Hon. Lai Mohammed’s re-appointment as minister.
This demand as posted is not only callous, divisive, a gratuitous
insult, but unacceptable to Igbomina people home and abroad.
There are always two sides of a coin. It is unfortunate these people
refused to see the sterling qualities of leadership which Hon Lai
Mohammed is endowed with. A documentary of the 2019 electoral victory
will not be complete and authentic without the minister’s valuable
He is professionally prolific and versed in the discharge of his
assignment to the admiration of his employer as Minister of
Information and Culture. His carriage exemplifies maturity, discipline
and uncommon leadership template, a committed Igbomina citizen and by
extension a senior stakeholder and political leader in Kwara State.
He equally attracted lots of development push and projects to Kwara
State, a community leader per excellence and a man of the people. He
occupies a high orbit when records of the electoral victory of his
party in Kwara state 2019 is put on the table. The above his just a
dose of his hidden human asset and quality.
On this note, the socio-cultural body of omo Ibile Igbomina
irrevocably resolves and recommends Alh. Lai Mohammed, the Hon.
Minister of Information and Culture, for a reappointment by Mr
President. We have implicit confidence in his ability to do better and
will not let down Mr. President and the good people of Nigeria.
Above all, we are proud of him as our Ambassador in the larger
Nigerian setting, in our collective efforts to take Nigeria to the
next level.
Finally, we are not out to meddle into Kwara political waters, or join
issues with any individual or group. We only wish to admonish our
politicians in Kwara south to shun politics of bitterness and
run-him-down political strategy. It will ultimately backfire on the
polity with consequences on our cohesion, focus and development.

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