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Lagos Lawyer, Monday Ubani Speaks On Blessing Okoro/ Onye Eze Trending Video

Blessing Okoro and the house

Lagos lawyer, Monday Onyekachi Ubani, recently took to his FB to shed some light on the not-too-palatable story involving an obviously desperate-for-traffic blogger, Blessing Okoro and a China-based dude that goes by the moniker of Onye Eze.

The former, for reasons yet to be uncovered, had found her way into the home of the latter, took some shots and even recorded a video which she uploaded on her blog and claiming ownership of the said house.

Exposed, after the whole thing went viral, she was advised to take down the story and video, which she vehemently refused to do. Thus, forcing the real owner of the house to rush back from China and also get her arrested.

Handcuffed after her arrest and now forced to confess her sins, her own video, where she was kneeling down and crying in the said compound, has been trending ever since. With a camp supporting her and the other totally against her actions.

Below, and unedited, is a legal perspective provided by Ubani, a respected lawyer and erstwhile member of both the Ikeja, Lagos and national executive of the Nigerian Bar Association:

Monday Ubani

Trending on the social media is the pathetic story of one Blessing Okoro who out of a stupid habit posed with a house that does not belong to her, claiming ownership. Few hours or days later as they story went she became a guest of the Police at the instance of the owner, one Onye Eze, acclaimed billionaire who ensured that she was handcuffed and videoed while standing besides the same house and made to confess that the said house does not belong to her. Watching the video of the confession, one could see that there were fears in her eyes and body, she was under tremendous pressure to do a retraction of her initial claim of ownership. I pose the following question:
1. Under what section of the criminal code was the alleged “offence” of posing with an immovable property an offence?
2. Why the handcuff? Is she such a dangerous criminal warranting it at all?
3. Apart from the stupid habit of lying that the house belongs to her in her social media, was there any specific crime known to law she committed while on the property or later concerning the property?
4. Why was she paraded and the video uploaded for the whole world to see on the confession she had to make concerning the property that was never stolen or tampered with?
5. Was this set up a stunt pulled by both parties because sooner after the said video, the said blogger(Blessing Okoro) was seen drinking wine with the Onye Eze in his house indicating that things are normal?
6. Could it be that Onye Eze was desperate to show off his house to the whole world, which this “drama” has succeeded in doing. So Onye Eze congrats if I am correct with that line of thought, because not only is your house known to everyone compulsorily but also your name, ONYE EZE. I DOUBT WHETHER YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER NAMED YOU THAT!.
If Blessing Okoro seeks legal redress, let she approach a nearby solicitor for proper counsel. However if posing with people’s property is a habitual defect of you as a person, seek spiritual help first before seeking for legal help. I did not like one bit that treatment that was meted out you. Stay out of trouble sis.

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