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Some DJs Are Hating on other DJs they should be learning from” DJ Spinall reveals in new episode of MTV Base’s “Behind The Story


Talented Nigerian Disc Jockey, Desmond Sodamola, a.k.a. DJ Spinall in the new episode of MTV Base’s Behind The Story, takes us through his journey to success as well as his near encounter with failure if he ever listened to the words of disbelief people kept sowing in his mind.

The multi-awarded-winning DJ uses the TV show to highlight and share some success tips and steps he took to become the celebrated DJ he is today.

In this episode, he expresses his love for his career and how it was very difficult for anyone to believe in his talent. He emphasizes his belief that no dream is unattainable and shares insights into how much work he put in to ensure that he achieved all his set goals.

“Initially, all I just wanted was to make it and I needed to show the world that nothing is too difficult to be achieved. I heard a lot from people that I will not get there, but I saw it as a challenge to grow and be better” said Spinall. “The hardest part was getting people to believe in the dream.”

DJ Spinall proceeds to share a quote for his fans, “For everybody out there, in any locality, your dreams are very valid”. He explains that the music industry is growing rapidly day- by-day and encourages every young person in it to strive to be and do better while keeping hopes high.

DJ Spinall reveals during the interview with MTV Base’s VJ, Ehiz, that while there is a strong competition in the industry, only those who can overcome their fears, go through the process of constantly developing their crafts to be among the best, are patient and never stop working hard can excel. He hints that with the fierce competition, only the strong can survive as there are limited slots for great people in the industry.

Watch the unfiltered “Behind The Story” of DJ Spinall on MTV Base Channel 322 when it airs on the 4th of June by 8pm.

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