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Life As A Campus Celebrity – Korede White


Korede White is a student of Covenant University, in Ota, Ogun State. He is currently in his fourth year, studying Information Communication Engineering (ICE). He is a campus celebrity and shared some of his secrets with OLADAPO BOLUWATIFE…


Why are your songs centered around ladies?

It is not just centered around ladies. It is centered around both male and female genders of which I happen to be on the male side. So, it is more of a guy professing his love to the other gender basically.

All your songs, do they have the same meaning?

Well, for now, most of my songs are about love and just having a good time.

When did you even decide on becoming an artiste?

I’ve always liked singing, but I think the moment I chose to achieve that was when I recorded my first song.

What was the title of your first song?

F–k Girl.

What inspired you to compose the song?

I think at that point in time I was having a problem with my relationship, so I was like let me just put all of that into a song and bang, that was how it happened.

Everybody keeps hearing Korede White, Korede White, who exactly is Korede White?

Korede White is a young, ‘not normal’ person who likes to go into activities, likes to express himself via songs, via song writing, just a very cool person, sings a lot and yeah!

You mentioned something now that Korde White is not just a normal person, what do you mean by that?

I’m a genius, I’m not normal, I’m not regular.

If we may ask, what exactly is the message you are passing in your new jam, Chocolate?

Okay…It is passing a lot of messages, but basically, it’s about a guy who likes a girl and then the girl is not really feeling the guy and she went for another guy who has more money than the other guy and eventually the guy made it and he still tried to reach out to the girl to come back.

So, are you the guy?

No, I’m not the guy o!

Why did you use this phrase, ‘Bull shit oh my jed, she just did that boy epon’ at the beginning of your song?

Oh! The phrase? That wasn’t my vocal, it was someone else’s vocal.

How do you handle girls, academics and your career?

From what I know, girls always come and go; academics, it’s very important; music is personally, very important. So, I just like the way things are. Whenever I’m not doing anything academics-related, I will be working on my music and for the girl part, I no get bae.

Have you ever thought of leaving school for music?

Ah! Yes o! It has been in my mind sef, but academics is also good. At different stages, yes. There was this time I had a thing with one record label and the only issue was that I was in Covenant University and obviously, to be with a record label, you have to put your all. I was actually contemplating, but you know, God knows the best.

So, in the music industry currently, who is your role model?

There are a lot of people at the top, but it depends. I have different models for different things. When it comes to vocal capability, I’m more of a Nonso Amadi and Maleek Berny kind of person. But when it comes to those moving, I would love Teni.

What is your take on the opposite sex?

Anyone that has sense basically. That is very important right now.

Are you scared of celebrity scandals?

The thing about this whole fame thing, when you get to the top, everybody is waiting for you to like mess up or do something you are not meant to do. So, I just try to shift my relationships far away from social media as much as I can.

Do you do any work aside from singing?

Yes, I love doing event management, I like organizing stuff and I like selling houses.

So, what in your understanding qualifies one to be an artiste?

An artiste is someone who tries to express himself via different means: singing, drumming, or trying to communicate something to your audience.

If you get to meet an angel at the moment, what would you ask the angel for?

Ah! Money. Money is very important. Money and happiness.

What is your favourite food?

That is a tough one o. I like food, I love food, I like is an understatement. I’m a foody; I like any food that makes one ask for more. Let me say amala and gbegiri.

What is your favourite drink?

That should be water, of course. I don’t like sugar.

So, when was the first time you started making millions?

We are still getting there.

Would you prefer a fashionable attire or a comfortable attire?

Comfortable attire…I don’t like stress.

Have you ever had any bad moment since you started singing?

Ah! E plenty nah. I think every moment I want to drop a song, especially when your song does not go viral as you expect.




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