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Why You Must Not Miss Azusa 17, By Apostle Anselm Madubuko


Apostle Anselm Madubuko, General Overseer, Revival Assembly, with headquarters on 1-7, Revival Close, Off Cocoa Industrial Road, Ogba, Lagos wants all of us to keep a date with his annual Azusa Revival Camp Meeting which is beginning today, Monday, July 22, 2019 and will be on till Sunday, July 28.

The 17th edition of the programme which he told us will transform lives and change destinies will feature Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Bishop Goddy Okafor, Bishop Funbi Addo, Apostle Hans Howard and Rev. Sam Tukura.

A galaxy of gospel music stars will also be performing and among them are Chioma Jesus, Frank Edwards, Judith Kay, Mercy Chinwo, Essence, Ighosa, Wole Oni, Romzy, Kenny St. Best, to mention but few.

Inside his beautiful office in the church, Apostle Madubuko shared with YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine Publisher/Editor in Chief, AZUH ARINZE the other things we all should also know about Azusa which usually has morning and evening sessions all through the week. Excerpts…


The next edition of AZUSA is almost here; between when and when is it happening?

Yes, from 22nd July, that’s a Monday to 28th July, a Sunday.


This is going the 17th edition, if I am not mistaken. What should people expect this time?

More of everything. God has been so faithful. By His grace, we’ve had 16 successful AZUSAs. Testimonies abound, people have be so lifted and revived; miracles have happened, but this would be like no other. It is the beginning of another level of AZUSA.

I would like to find out from you who and who are  coming, because I know that over the years, we have always had different ministers of God coming to talk to the people of God. Who are we having this time?

The ministers we are having this year are Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Rev. Sam Tukura, Bishop Goddy Okafor, he lives in Aba and we have another Apostle, Howard Hans, from South Africa. There are a lot of other speakers.


I understand that some gospel artistes are also going to take part in this year’s AZUSA?

Yeah! We are going to have over twenty of them; from Chioma Jesus to Frank Edwards to Mercy Chinwo to Judith Kay to Wole Oni and Felix Duke, Rugged Man, Righteous Man. So many of them.


I want to take you back a little. What do you normally consider before arriving at the choice of ministers you invite?

Yeah, I am very careful because of the times we are in. There are so many strange ministers who are preaching so many different doctrines. So, I make sure that the people I invite are people who know that we need a revival. This is not a place of entertainment or motivational speaking. It is not a conference for motivation, it’s a conference to challenge people, for them to know that we are not where we should be as a body of Christ. There’s something we have lost and we cannot let it remain like that. We have to make people remember how it was in the book of Acts and how it was during AZUSA’s first revival in 1906 which brought in this real Pentecostal movement. It gave birth to Four Square, Assemblies of God, Church of God in Christ and so many other denominations that came out of the first AZUSA revival in 1906. That is the kind of thing we are looking at. The time is short. Jesus is coming back soon, and we cannot keep playing in the church. So, we need to visit what used to happen and believe God for even a greater happening this time.


Alright. Before we come back to AZUSA, you said something that I will like to take you up on. Repeatedly, people have always said that Jesus is coming, yet He hasn’t come. When exactly is Jesus going to come back?

Nobody knows when He will come. In fact, some have said that because He has not come all this while, that He may not come again. But the Bible tells you and I that His coming is going to be like a thief in the night and that knowledge, nobody has except the Father and the Bible says that it’s not His will for any man to perish and that is why He has not come all this while; because the love of God doesn’t want to see people in hell, and once He comes, all those who are outside of Him are lost for life. So, He is allowing people more time to get them to come in contact with the gospel and repent, because that is what all this is about. The desire of God is to see people repent, accept Jesus as their Lord and savior and then all other things will follow.


In 16 years of AZUSA, what hasn’t God done that you would like Him to do in this 17th edition?

The fact is, I have not seen what He has put in my heart about this AZUSA. It is supposed to be heralding a major revival. That has not happened. It has happened to individuals, because some have caught the fire and they are running with it. But we are talking of a time it will affect not just the church, but the nation, when Jesus will affect crime and affect kidnapping. That is what the Bible is all about. Everything will be affected. When there is a presence of God, when there is a move of God that affects everything; some countries that experienced revival have had their prisons cleaned out, policemen were jobless because they were no more evil people; everybody had been touched by God. That is the kind of thing I’m talking about. It affects the crops, it affects agriculture and every aspect of life.

In the 16 years that we have had AZUSA, what would you describe as the greatest miracle that God has done?

It is hard! It’s hard! I have seen many. There are these twins. They are 14-years-old now; they were here during one of the AZUSAs. That should be the third one or so. They are twins. The mother was barren for many years and they came from Aba; from our church in Aba. They left and got two kids, twins, and they are 14-years-old now or maybe 15. And there are so many other things. Divine encounters are numerous, people have had revelations of many supernatural things. So, I can’t mention one because all of them have their own patterns. And are very, very powerful. Because these are things that are not just for one year, they’ve been happening for long; ever increasing. So, it’s amazing! But you know, you cannot really quantify spiritual things. The revelations people have had, the encounters people have had, the decisions to go for God is huge. God catching a man or a woman to say listen, I’m gonna give up this kind of lifestyle, I’m gonna give up sin; if I perish I perish. Such testimonies are priceless. When you realize that God is everything, I don’t need to be in sin, I don’t need to be living a deceitful life, a sinful life, I want to serve God with everything that I have. That’s powerful, because most people don’t wanna do that. Most people wanna hold on to some things and still hold on to God. So, they are just like that for years and for years. But it gets to a time when God says listen, I want all! Let go of this thing, let go of these people and take up your cross and follow me. That’s the basic thing about Christianity. You cannot have your life and live it. You have to lose your life to get it.


I would like to find out from you; if by chance you are walking along the road and somebody is opportune to meet you and the person says: oh Apostle Anselm Madubuko, I am so happy to meet you, I understand you are having a programme called AZUSA, can you tell me about AZUSA and why I should attend the programme. How would you go about telling person about it?

Like I said, it’s not to teach you about how to make money, it’s not to teach you about how to buy a house or to buy a car, no. It is to create a hunger for God. For those who are tired, who want to see God, they want to have an encounter, they don’t want religion. Somehow they are empty. Many people go to church, but there’s no stuff, no substance. Yes, I’m gonna tell you, if you wanna receive what God has for you, then this is the place to come. The Bible says we should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things will be added. But we are not majoring on all those things, we are majoring on the kingdom, the Lord, get His spirit, get His heart, get His mind – then as we are doing that, He will bring other things. Because He knows we have needs. But we don’t put the needs first. We are not going to teach people how to make money, but to get a glimpse of this God. We just want people to get hold of this God. So, I will tell people, if you want God, then come! But if you want to buy a plane, build a house, buy a car, you may not see it here…

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