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Opinion (30/07/19) : Akukalia’s Makupedia And The Nigerian Paradox – By Ayo Oyoze Baje

Ayo Oyoze Baje

“Do not blame the darkness. Light a candle”


It was Nostradamus, the French scientist, clairvoyant and philosopher who predicted  that a time would come when the greatest and most profound invention in the world will come from “the largest populous black nation in the world”.  That the man would hold the power of the stars in his hands and lead a scientific monarchy. Not from the United States, Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom, or the United Arab Emirate. Like many of his many uncanny predictions, it has happened again!

The piece of heart-warming news is that a Nigerian has achieved what no other scientist has ever done in the history of mankind. But that is not the only reason for fellow citizens to celebrate one of our own. He is none other than one Mr. Peter Matthews-Akukalia, the Enugu-born  scientist  and creative genius who, against all odds of poverty and severally disrupted educational career has invented the human mind computer called the Makupedia. “It can calculate human intelligence, thoughts, will and even emotions”! In addition, it is a useful educational tool for brain analysis, energy processing, for career choice and management.

The Makupedia app is now available to assist students to discover their natural abilities early in life. It would also help them to monitor their careers for which they have the comparative advantage to excel. This will no doubt enhance their productivity and “fast track a wholesome society for Nigeria as a nation”.  Economists have since explained that with its adoption, Makupedia has the potential to generate 750 million jobs in five years! Are you still at sea?

In fact, Akukalia has posited that: “Makupedia can put Nigeria on the map where it moves from the poverty capital of the world to becoming the prosperity capital of the world. It is a paradigm shift from the old to the new order; from science to creative science, from Mathematics to Makumatics,  from psycho -social science to the creative  and psychosocial sciences, from Wikipedia to Makupedia, from Astronomy to Psycho-astronomy, from Medicine to Psychosurgery and from banking to creative banking”.

In his words, during a recent media chat, Akukalia explained that “the main approach of the Makupedia code is DDC, meaning Discover, Develop and Connect”. Indeed, without it, no person would be admitted for any course of study or work! So, it comes in handy as it would be used to conduct Mind Assessment Test (MAT). The empirical evidence it provides makes it the first of its kind in human history.

But in all of these, one is still worried that the political and economic powers that be may not rise to the occasion of maximizing the immense potentials in Akukalia’s inventions. This piece therefore, goes out as a passionate appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to consider constituting a Presidential Committee on Impact Creativity. The aim is to bring together the creative works of our inventors, innovators, top scientists/ technologists, thinkers, artists and geniuses-both at home and in the Diaspora- to maximally benefit the technological and economic landscape of the country.
The time has come for sustainable synergy between the Ministries of Science and Technology, Labour and Productivity with the assistance of External Affairs to identify, highlight and articulate pilot projects of Nigerian inventors for mass production for the benefit of Nigerians. Pragmatic partnerships with the private sector should be encouraged. Such exists in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, China and even Brazil where there are deliberate polices for massive funding of researches and their implementation.
As patriots, who believe in the greatness of One Nigeria we are proud to be associated with names of Professors Philip Emeagwali, Gabriel Oyibo, Samuel Achilefu, Babajide Alo and Ayodele Olaiya. They ring a loud and crisp-clear bell in the hallowed halls of creativity, globally. Others include Col. Oviemo Ovadje(Retd), Jelani Aliyu, Brino Gilbert, Shehu Saleh Balami, Saheed Adepoju, Seyi Oyesola, Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Cyprian Emeka Uzoh, Kunle Olukotun and Sebastine Chinonye Omeh, to name a few.
But while the products of their creative ingenuity are positively impacting on the global economic scene, far beyond our shores, their home country, Nigeria has not benefited much from their immense intellectual resources. Yet, the fault is not theirs but that of our policy makers.
For instance, Emeagwali is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the Internet. For his feats he was awarded the prestigious Gordon Bell Prize normally reserved for 18 scientists. Currently working on super computers, he explains that for every three barrels of crude oil in any place only one barrel can be extracted. But he has been able to use super computers to see the inside of oil fields with greater accuracy. With such he states that if only one per cent more oil is extracted it pays for itself as it amounts to billions of dollars! But has Nigeria, an oil-producing country leveraged on his great discovery? The answer is obvious.
On his part, Gabriel Oyibo, the Kogi State-born engineer, mathematician, researcher and physicist has done what Albert Einstein could not achieve for thirty years! In 2002 he successfully solved the Grand Unification Field Theory. His finding shows that one could go through 0 to 3 in a four dimensional space time, or go through 0 to any number. For that he was allegedly nominated for the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2002 and 2003.He is an expert that the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Massachusetts Institute of Technology has gained from. But has Nigeria recognized or utilized his technological breakthroughs? I am afraid, not.
In a similar vein, Nigeria has not benefited from Prof. Samuel Achilefu’s invention. His is the ground-breaking development of a set of high-tech, cancer-visualizing goggles which assist surgeons to see cancer cells in real-time while operating on patients. It won him the prestigious St. Louis Award in 2014. Likewise, we are yet to see the vast business opportunity by capitalizing on the design of Chevrolet Volt which has become General Motors’ leading auto brand, by our own Jelani Aliyu, the Sokoto indigene. It is an electric car with increasing demand, given the green energy policy sweeping across the western world.
Ditto for Ogbonnaya Bassey’s Solarkobo, a renewable power generator that costs six times less than the normal fuel generator. It clinched the prestigious Young Innovators Prize that had 124 applicants from 34 countries in 2015. That was in Budapest, Hungary for the Telecomms World Event. Yet, it has not been mass produced to ease the agony of Nigerian households and businesses.
We are also yet to see the wisdom in mass producing the inventions of Col. Oviemo Ovadje (Rtd).He is a Nigerian medical Doctor who is credited with the invention of the Emergency Auto Transfusion System (EAT-SET), which is an effective, low-cost and affordable, blood auto-transfusion mechanism that saves patients in developing countries. He has patented the invention in nine (9) countries and won several awards from the UK to Switzerland.
Remember Damian Anyanwu? The Mbaise-born genius it was who single-handedly built an FM Radio station from local raw materials in 1979.For that he was awarded a national honour by then President Shehu Shagari. His astounding inventions span a wide spectrum of human knowledge, from engineering through energy to medicine. But because there was no enabling environment to actualize his dream of industrial revolution in Nigeria he relocated to New Jersey, United States.
Years later, in 2004 then President George Bush Jnr, had cause to invite him to the White House for a sumptuous dinner. But why, you may ask? The President used that opportunity to thank him for creating jobs for several citizens of the city. But while he was out there adding economic value to another country, fellow Nigerians were being denied of his creative impact.
We should not allow what happened to him to repeat itself for Saheed Adepoju. He is the Co-founder of Encipher Limited, a Nigerian-based technology company that introduced the first android-powered tablet into Nigeria. The INYE-1, which was unveiled in April 2010 is a 7-inch resistive screen tablet. It offers about 3 hours of battery life and allows HDMI output to HDMI capable devices.
It should not apply to Ndubuisi Ekekwe. He is credited with the development of microchips used in minimally invasive surgical robots. Ndubuisi is the founder of First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics Ltd. Another great brain is Cyprian Emeka Uzoh. He holds more than 126 United States issued patents and over 160 patents worldwide in semiconductor technology including U.S. Patent No. 6709562,“method of making electroplated interconnection structures on integrated circuit chips”, which earned him the inventor of the year award in 2006 from the New York Intellectual Property Association.
It would be recalled that the import substitution and technology transfer policies of the ‘60s and ‘70s primarily designed to encourage the local production of the machines we import failed. And so did the National Technology Policy pushed forward by the likes of Professors Emovon and Gordian Ezekwe. The desired Technology Incubation Centres did not yield the desired results because the embattled Ajaokuta Steel Company did not receive the required government intervention. Sadly, the situation is no better today.

The current administration should therefore, break the jinx and let the works of Akukalia benefit Nigerians in particular and the world in general.





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