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Ariya Repete Finale: Odunlade Adekola ‘Challenges’ KSA To A Dancing Competition

King Sunny Ade in action

Now in his 70s, King Sunny Ade is still defying mother nature, as he continues to strut his stuff. His most recent performance at the grand finale of Ariya Repete 2019, saw him quell all doubts that he may be getting too old to perform. Not only did he pull off a superb performance, he also made out time to for a ‘dancing competition’ with star actor, Odunlade Adekola.


Odunlade Adekola, who was the host on the night, was in his usual comical mood when he approached the veteran performer to pay homage. In typical Odunlade fashion, he decided to dance to KSA’s final musical rendition and the King also got in on the action.


What followed was a hilarious, short dance-off between the two, but King Sunny Ade certainly held his own on the dance floor, proving yet again that age is nothing but a number.


See full video here.


The night marked the conclusion of one of the most exciting musical talent shows in recent memory, as well as the relaunch of Goldberg Lager, who are the sponsors of Ariya Repete 2019. With a new look, the beer has now repositioned itself as the drink of respect, the beer for the “Omoluabi”.


It was indeed an exciting time for consumers of Goldberg, and with nights like these, it’s easy to see why Goldberg has cultivated such huge brand affinity in the mainstream market, in so short a time.

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