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Divas Are Doing It For Themselves On DStv’s WWE Pop-Up Channel


Wrestling fans can enjoy girl-power in action with DStv, thanks to the  pop-up channel that mixes beauty, drama and sportsmanship. And while the WWE is mostly revered for its bulky and rugged male contenders, female WWE stars are also well represented on the channel as seen on the exciting reality series, WWE Total Divas™.


WWE Total Divas™ is an American reality show that features a cast of strong sisters, who provide the viewers with scintillating inside look into their lives, loves and all the personal dramas of your favourite female sports stars.


Here’s an introduction to some of the starring characters on Total Divas:


Real Name: Brianna Monique Danielson

Ring Name: Brie Bella

There’s Brie Bella, one-half of the powerful Bella Twins, who made SmackDown history in 2008 when she took down Victoria with the help of her identical twin Nikki. The Diva Champion of 2011 is not just a superstar, but a magnetic entertainer, wife and mother who takes no prisoners. The fact that she stars alongside her twin in the new pop-up channel promises double trouble!


Real Name: Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson

Ring name: Natalya

It’s like father like daughter with the bold and beautiful Natalya, a legacy of the legendary Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and wife to the equally talented Tyson Kidd. She was born for this – Natalya dominates in the ring with her unparalleled grappling skill. The Queen of Harts also has a big heart, aligned with The Creative Coalition’s Be a STAR Alliance, Make-A-Wish and the WrestleMania™ Reading Challenge.


Real Name: Ariane Nicole Andrew

Ring name: Cameron

Disco diva Cameron is the move-busting, ego-bruising entertainer who grooved her way to fame with her smooth moves at Planet Funk, combining dance and danger with taking down many an opponent with attitude, athleticism and absolutely no apologies.


Real Name: Trinity McCray

Ring Name: Naomi

Another soul-stepping superstar, Naomi, has got all the moves. This entertainer has turned heads all over the world, dancing for the likes of Flo Rider and NBA heavyweight, Orlando Magic. A badass third of the memorable Team B.A.D. in the Women’s Evolution, she’s cutting as much of a rug in the ring as on the dance floor.


Real Name: Natalie Marie Coyle

Ring Name: Eva Marie

The flame-haired and feisty Eva Marie gives as good in the ring as she did on the catwalk. The model-turned-muscle-powerhouse has made a serious name for herself as beauty and brawns on WWE NXT already, and promises plenty of surprises to come.


Real Name: Joseann Alexie Offerman

Ring Name: Jojo

Eva Mari is joined by her girl, JoJo. A one-to-watch wonder, JoJo has got pipes as well as power, wowing WWE audiences with her fantastic voice as much as with her moves in the ring.


Once a side-line for more seriously regarded male entertainers, WWE Total Divas™ proves that female sporting entertainers have strength, substance, style and sass. WWE is celebrating the might (and muscles) of women as they pull back the curtain on the real-life drama and high stakes of what it takes to be among the best in the cutthroat world of sporting stars.


These entertainers are pulling no punches, with more impressive performances and more behind-the-scenes drama than ever before and prove that there’s more to sports extravaganzas than leotards. WWE Total Divas™ combines the revelry and rivalries in the ring with a backstage pass to all the intrigue and inner workings of the industry as these seven sporting superstars play out the show of their lives.


Be sure not to miss these divas, and more WWE™ action on DStv Channel 128 airing every day until 31 December 2019. You can also download the DStv Now app and let the divas entertain you while you’re on the move.

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