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Encounters (26/10/19): Someone Always Notices, By Azuh Arinze

Chief Olusegun Osoba and Azuh Arinze
Few weeks ago, I had read and relished BATTLELINES – ADVENTURES IN JOURNALISM AND POLITICS, by Olusegun Osoba. And thereafter decided to write about the 25 lessons I learnt from the voluminous book, which delightfully resonated well with a lot of people.
Well, days later, Mr. Lanre Idowu, our well respected senior in the profession and also the MD of Diamond Publications Limited, publishers of the book, contacted me through Facebook Messenger to correct a specific detail and to also request for my phone number.

Days later, a strange number just kept calling me from London. And when I wouldn’t pick, because I was in the middle of an interview then, the caller sent a text message. When I eventually opened it, I noticed that it was from the former Governor of Ogun State and one of the most successful journalists produced by Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Osoba. His message was simple and straight to the point: “Hello Azuh. This is Chief Segun Osoba calling from London. Cheers.”

The cover of Osoba’s book
When I returned his call, after the interview, Chief Osoba, a one-time Managing Director of Daily Times Newspapers, immersed me in prayers and praises. According to him, my review of his autobiography “was one of the best” that he’s read since the book was published.
Before ending the call, he gave me his Nigeria number, told me when he would be returning and asked me to call him. Well, I never got around to doing that till he called me again days ago and invited me to his Ikoyi, Lagos home.
In a convivial atmosphere, Aremo, like he’s also known, spent hours telling me about this and that, concerning his eventful life and extraordinary career. He informed me that in his entire life and despite being a man about town in his younger days, he’s never tasted alcohol! I equally learnt that a chapter, entitled CIVILIANS/MILITARY, was inadvertently omitted from the book.
But most importantly I learnt new success secrets from him, one of which is that the best form of investment is real estate. Throughout his journalism career, Chief Osoba told me, he always seized every opportunity to invest in landed property in whatever location he found himself. And the returns and rewards, he added, have been incredible.
Oh, what an encounter it was for me! And what fulfilment I also had sitting face to face with such an icon.
My message today therefore is very simple – in all that we do, let’s always put in our best. And remember that somebody, somewhere always notices.
Never forget to put your best foot forward. Give whatever you are doing your best shot. Persistently put up a spectacular and sparkling performance. Do your job so well and beautiful that even the blind will see it and the deaf will also hear it, loud and clear.

You never can tell how far it will go or even what the outcome will be. But no poor jobs and no wishy-washy executions and implementations. Always settle and strive for the best. And make excellence your watchword.

Osoba autographing his book
By the way, Chief Osoba gave me another copy of the book, which he autographed. And the message inside reads: “To Azuh Arinze, with very warm regards, affection and prayers always for greater and better contributions to the upliftment of journalism profession by him. God bless…”
Thanks so much for reading and see you next Saturday, by the grace of God.

NB: My review of the book – https://theyesng.com/2019/09/09/25-lessons-i-learnt-from-olusegun-osobas-autobiography-battlelines-adventures-in-journalism-and-politics-by-azuh-arinze/

– Azuh is a journalist, author and motivational speaker

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