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The Lords Of The Spelling Bee…3 Types Of Kids You Need To Meet Right Now


We’ve all been in competitive situations, right? If you haven’t, then you’re probably Jeff Bezos’s only child. If you don’t know Bezos, google it!

Moving on, those of us that have been in real competitive situations would have most certainly met the following types of people. Don’t laugh yet. Hold on na. If you haven’t, then you’re probably one of the people we are about to speak of. Yes, we are shaking tables.

The just-concluded intra-school phase of the MTN mPulse-sponsored Lagos State Private Schools Spelling Bee competition has seen a lot of kid-competitors, but here are just 3 of the most familiar kinds of competitors that we can’t stop talking about. Now, choose your type and be sincere.

  1. The Confident Bosses:

These ones have probably been in many competitions and have bossed their way through. They are seemingly overly-relaxed and know that they are smart. Plus, they are not afraid to let you know. I’m smart, duh!

2. The Spectacle Wearer:

You know that one adorable kid with an obvious ‘gadget’ on their face. They are usually reserved, till you get too close and hear the things that come out from their mouth. Then you catch yourself to stop staring at awesomeness.

3. The Lord of The ‘Preparers’:

These ones would isolate themselves and still be flipping through pages and memorizing things a minute to the competition. It’s 30 seconds to go time and they still have questions. They MUST win and SHALL win!

The MTN mPulse-sponsored Spelling Bee competition has seen a lot of amazing kids with varied personalities. It has been a pleasure watching hundreds of bright kids show us what the future would look like.

Now, we move to the District phase (inter-school phase of the competition)! 6 districts, 70 schools in 15 days. Let’s do this!

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