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Encounters (23/11/19): A Retentive Memory Helps, By Azuh Arinze

Anselm Madubuko and Azuh Arinze

My meeting with Apostle Anselm Madubuko, General Overseer, Revival Assembly, with headquarters in Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, was simply fortuitous. Unplanned. Unintended. And unexpected. The Elegant Stallion, Lady Onyeka Onwenu, MFR, if I could still recollect, was marking her birthday at The Unity Centre, on Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, and had invited both of us. Separately, of course.

Mid way into the party, I sighted the Apostle walking in. I waited for a few minutes for him to settle down before approaching his table.

He listened intently as I introduced myself and my medium. But immediately I was through, he jolted me by announcing that he wasn’t there to grant interviews.

Undaunted, I reminded him that I was his brother, having ‘uncovered’ from one of his rare interviews then that he’s also from Ihiala, Anambra State. His village, Orsumoghu, as a matter of fact, shares a common boundary with mine, Azia.

Immediately I mentioned Ihiala, he lowered his guards and gave me an appointment to see him in the church. I went, did the interview, which obviously resonated very well with him and thus began a father-son relationship which has been on now for over 20 years and has impacted my life and business immeasurably.

Forever there for me, Apostle General, like he’s widely known, has attended nearly all the annual YES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE LECTURES. In fact, I can never forget the second edition and how he had to fly in that morning from Kenya to witness the lecture and say the opening prayer. I hasten to add that many years later, during his marriage in Kenya, I was the only Nigerian journalist present.

But before that, while I was still trying to put YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine together, having just resigned from Encomium Weekly, he was one of the few mentors and fathers I ran to. After briefing him, he asked whether I had gotten a name and immediately I mentioned YES!, his face lit up. Reaching for a pencil and a sheet of paper, the architect in him swiftly went to work. He drew the YES! logo and asked me to give it to a graphic person to knock out.

Interestingly, my wife, Edith had asked me just before we got married who and who I could not reject their advice and I mentioned his name. In response, she said “I now know who to report you to any day you misbehave”.

I could go on and on sharing my awesome encounters with this humble and handsome servant of God. But my message today is that one can play all their cards, especially where and when necessary. A retentive memory equally helps.

Thanks so much for keeping a date with me again and see you next week.

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– Azuh is a journalist, bestselling author and publisher of YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine

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