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New Body Goals! Watch Africa Magic’s New Reality TV Show “Dr Laser” On DStv


Plastic surgery is not a strange idea. The world over, people undergo surgical operations to change, correct or improve their appearances. Some people may have these surgeries for medical purposes, and some celebrities, for purely cosmetic purposes, whatever the reasons, plastic surgeries are catching on.

Recently in Nigeria, there has been an explosion of plastic surgery with several major celebrities admitting going under the knife for one surgical procedure or the other to achieve the desired body. Plastic Surgery is coming out of the shadows in Nigeria.

Africa Magic’s new reality TV show Dr Laser is a medical reality show about people undergoing plastic surgery in Nigeria. The show captures what inspires human decisions to undergo plastic surgery and  the aftermath of these decisions.. The show aims to educate and correct the  misconception about Plastic Surgery, thus creating a more positive understanding and outlook to it. within them.

Furthermore, the reality TV show will enlighten more Nigerians that are uncomfortable about their body and appearance,  that there is a solution for them, and help them realize something can be done to make them feel more confident about themselves.

Dr Laser will begin airing on Friday January 10, 2020 by 9PM WAT on DStv, and is exclusive to Africa Magic Showcase (Channel 151)

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