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Look Back At 2019 With These Epic Shows From DStv And Showmax

The Godfather of Harlem

2019 was a year filled with great TV shows jockeying for the pole position on our screens. In an era where there’s simply too much to watch, we found ourselves unable to select our favourites. So, we put our valuable audience’s hat on and picked some of your absolute favourite shows of the previous year.

From the delightful and captivating to the beguiling and flawless, these highly-rated shows had everyone glued to their TV screens.

The Godfather of Harlem

Set in drug-ravaged Harlem during the 60s, The Godfather of Harlem is based on real events that took place during a time when the civil rights movement and the criminal underworld collided. This enthralling series is based on the partnership between a locally respected crime boss, Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson (played by Forest Whitaker) and convicted criminal-turned-preacher and activist Malcolm X (played by Nigel Thatch). The pair team up to take back Harlem from the Genovese family – a family of notorious Italian mobsters.

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M-Net’s original five-part crime series has taken Africa by storm with its fascinating characters, breath-taking cinematography and intriguing storylines. This action drama features stories of diamond smuggling, organised crime, poaching of black rhinos, the CIA and terrorism in Cape Town. This local series based on the books by best-selling author, Deon Meyer, has many story arcs in play. However, the main story centres on averting a terrorist attack by an Islamic group.

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Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija launched its fourth season of the Nigerian version of the 24/7 reality show, Big Brother, in June 2019, and had many people in Africa tweeting about each episode. The housemates put themselves in various situations – from suspenseful conflict to steamy romance – to remain in the house and stand a chance to win ₦60 million in prizes

You got a front-row seat to all the action that eventually saw one lucky housemate winner walk away with N60 million in prizes.

Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story

Based on the life of Lebo Mathosa, this six-part series shows the Kwaito queen as she has never been seen before. From her Boom Shaka roots to the endless Brenda Fassie comparison, Lebo Mathosa gave all music-loving, Africans jams to dance to. Thirteen years after her death, her legacy lives on in this highly anticipated series about a girl who had a tough upbringing before becoming a national star.

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