5 Things To Know About MTN’s Gifting To Retailers


In January 2020, ICT Giant MTN Nigeria, rolled out an interesting initiative for retailers and consumers across the country tagged “Kiosk as a Service.” Today, the country has given its retailers 2,000 kiosks. The scheme empowered retailers with a smart stall, to enable them to provide MTN’s bouquet of products and services more efficiently.

This is a timely intervention and a demonstration of MTN’s unwavering belief in partnership as a means of empowerment and growth.

Here’s what we know about the gifting and its impacts on retailers and consumers alike:

  1. Over 2,000 retailers were given a smart stall. This will enable each retailer provide MTN’s bouquet of products and services more efficiently.
  2. The “Kiosk as a Service” scheme will also enable customers to have swift access to services like SIM registration, MoMo (mobile money), 4G migrations, airtime purchase and much more.
  3. Over 180 kiosks have been installed in Lagos State. This initiative is set to empower thousands of Nigerians to become the much-needed drivers of the country’s economy.
  4. The kiosks come pre-fitted with solar panels that will power the kiosk and enable users to charge their phones and make their processes easier. So, no need for generator.
  5. The use of pre-installed solar panels on the kiosk is a deliberate action and commitment by MTN to support the use of renewable energy to preserve the environment.

The “Kiosk as a Service” scheme is in line with MTN’s “Good Together” philosophy, which is integral to their operations. MTN is empowering retailers so that through this scheme, they can turn things up for themselves.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Labour Force Survey, Nigeria’s unemployment rate was 27% in Q2 2020, four percentage points higher than the 23% it reported in Q3 2018. The underemployment rate was also estimated at 29% in 2020, higher than the 20% recorded in Q3 2018. When combined, 52% of the labour force is either without jobs or working below their potential. This initiative is therefore a testament to MTN’s enthusiasm in the growth and development of Nigeria’s economy.

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