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Actor Ernest Asuzu’s Wife Speaks On His Death, Says He Was Determined To Live, But…


Amina Jennifer Asuzu, wife of Nollywood actor, Ernest Asuzu, who died last night after a long-drawn battle with ill health, has broken her silence.

The distraught woman and mother took to her Facebook page hours after to pour out her heart. According to her: “I can still remember this day.. how you were so determined to live. You told me in your word Oboy I get potentials to survive anywhere in the world. You fought so hard to live. I can remember how we were together for almost two weeks in warri. You became my friend. We always laugh together and your words will be Oboy! Oboy!! Yes I can remember you telling me that I should marry a good woman (that still ring in my head till date) telling me how strong your wife Amina Jannifer Asuzu stood by you. She truly fought by your side for you to live. Death is truly inevitable to humans. Rest is peace my dear friendErnest Elcream Asuzu.”

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