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AGAIN, PROF. ALEXIA THOMAS TAKES ON BRITISH PRIME MINISTER + Says: ‘Stop planned Chartered Flight Deportation of January 26’

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Professor Alexia ThomasA frontline and outspoken British government critic, Prof. Alexia Thomas of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, addressed a world press conference in London recently, where she gave a hard knock to the administration of David Cameron, British Prime Minister.

She sent a strong warning to the occupier of No. 10 Downing Street, London. Her words: “Your planned unlawful deportation of Commonwealth citizens out of the UK on the 26th and 27th January 2016 breaches Article 9 of the UDHR 1948, Commonwealth Citizens Chartered Flight Deportation…

“The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) pronounces this declaration on the 19th day of January 2016 at 8.30pm as an Opposition Government, that in truth and in sincerity we are unable to cover up for the Conservative Ruling Party Government. This openness of Conservative Destruction Secrecy can be watched on YouTube Titled – Commonwealth Freedom Liberty Rally 21st Century Mandate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HumhdgmidM

“We The Commonwealth Liberation party (TCLP) declares before the people of United Kingdom and the world at large that the ruling government is running a fascist style of government and their decoy agenda is to destroy the nations of Commonwealth. The truth is all men and women are equal by their race no matter their religion. The Commonwealth people in the United Kingdom having been brainwashed to believe European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) 1950 protected them as advised by their lawyers for point of defense, instead the laws that said their justice is the Universal Declarations of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948. The Commonwealth citizens have rights to reside in the UK and their rights to life without interference with their privacies and treaty violation of Articles 9, 12, 13, and 15.”

Describing the continual silence of British Prime Minister in face of this as insanity, Prof. Thomas thundered: “Prime Minister David Cameron is still refusing to speak. He needs to make haste when the sun shines as ignorance of his government’s promiscuity is a state of insanity when gullibility fashions a stinky pride, so he is not above the law of correctional justice. Mr. Cameron, who do you think you are and what is your background that you can audaciously allow the destruction of the Commonwealth citizens to continue till this very minute? How can we lead in blindness and deafness when power, a failure of indecency will not allow you to use your common sense?

“The TCLP is willing to swiftly relocate the coloured people back to their countries of sunshine, so they can appreciate their race as a people. The Commonwealth regeneration brigadier scheme will be used by the ‘TCLP’ to evacuate the Commonwealth citizens from the UK back to their countries for nation building rather than your government’s continuing disgrace their existence. Commonwealth citizens’ deportation must not proceed as this action is not Britain’s will, but conservative government’s will to destroy a slaved continent your nation tilled their wealth of greatness from.

“Mr. Cameron, you must cancel the chartered flight for this month and never again allow such occur, if you are a genuine British. You must stop the deportation of the Commonwealth citizens or else failure will bring fatal retribution as your citizens are equally settled in the Commonwealth nations, so denial is not an option. This press statement mandate is made available on our server so the people of Great Britain will be aware of our position on matters of deliberate harm to the people of commonwealth”.

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