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Sweet and sumptuous ex-beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo, may soon give up on love. And in case you are wondering why, the reason is this: LOVE HAS NOT BEEN FAIR TO HER! Ever since she strolled into our consciousness in 1989, after winning the crown as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, she has been jumping in and out of relationships. However, we want to concentrate here on her most celebrated dalliances…

*KAMAL BOUSTANI: Mr. Boustani is a Lebanese businessman based in Lagos, Nigeria. Owner of Planet 44, Double 4 and K’s Place (all on the Island), the hairy dude who enjoys chopping cigar and rocking life had a wondrously rollicking time with Nike before they parted ways, leaving the shrewd guy with no other option than to marry a fellow Lebanese and a heart-broken Nike to continue with her love voyage.


*WADE CHERNAYKO: Another white guy who stole Nike’s heart. They were reportedly hooked up by billionaire businessman, Tunde Folawiyo and dated for years before going their separate ways and pursing other love interests.


*ATIKU ABUBAKAR: Though unconfirmed, Nike and Nigeria’s former Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar were also paired as lovers. This was sometime in 2002, but nothing came out of it eventually.


*OBA ONILADO: The Oba son of the former Oba of Lagos, HRH Adeyinka Oyekan. The squint-eyed traditional ruler (Oba Mobolade Oyekan) who even conferred a chieftaincy title on Nike had his name mentioned in the time past as one of the ex-queen’s alleged lovers.


*TUNDE SOLEYE: The man who just severed romantic ties with Nike. Soleye trained as a medical doctor. Equally a businessman and socialite, many had thought that their union would be forever. Initially married to Funmi with whom he had three children, people are now speculating that with his separation from Nike, she may never try love again. 59 this year, the bearded and bespectacled Cross Bearer whose father owns the popular Duro Soleye Hospital on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos has always had it easy with women.



“Dr Ayotunde Soleye and Chief Adenike Oshinowo have decided to live apart for now, while they work on their differences. The couple, who have been married for six years, have requested for their privacy to be respected during this difficult period. They hope that you will put them in your prayers. Thank you”.

It was with the above statement that the duo of Tunde and Nike, like they are more known, announced the collapse of their marriage which was contracted six years ago.

Alleged to be contemplating reconciliation, a close friend of Nike however told us that the chances of them coming back again are very slim. She hinged her reason on the fact that Nike is a one-way person. “Once she’s made up her mind on something, it’s usually difficult to get her to do otherwise”. Expatiating on that and also why true love keeps eluding the 47 year old dresser and dazzler who read Political Science at the University of Essex, in the United Kingdom, the friend said: “Nike is too foreign for Nigerian men; she can’t share her man with any other woman and also can’t stand any man who can’t treat her like an egg. She’s a fragile lover and wants to be pampered 100 percent. She also doesn’t believe in half measures. For her, it’s either the best or nothing else.

“And you know the mentality of the average Nigerian man; he is not cut out for that and severally, that has been her bone of contention with them. With this marriage that she has just come out of, chances of her trying marriage again are almost non-existent. She’s deeply hurt by some discoveries she made about Tunde much later. Not only that, the ghost of the man’s first wife, Funmilayo and her three children – Mayowa, Tope and Rotimi – kept haunting her. My brother, it’s a complicated case, but the long and short of it is that Tunde and Nike may never come back again, even though they have chosen to go about their separation maturely”. Residing separately at the moment (in Lekki and Ikoyi, Lagos respectively), Tunde and his first wife, Fumilayo’s divorce details have emerged and they are very, very messy and unpalatable. Besides exposing him as a serial adulterer – with children from four women even while still married – Justice (Mrs.) E.O Williams-Dawodu of The Lagos High Court, Family and Probate Division, who listened to the estranged couple’s arguments, has ordered him and Nike to pay the woman N20 million and £100,000 respectively for causing her so much pain, agony and distress.

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