Sleeping with older women and getting paid for that service is still thriving in Nollywood. But this time, in the Yoruba sector. One of the gigolos leading there right now has S and A beginning his name and surname, YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine gathered. Indeed good looking, with beards that are always well trimmed, this guy depends more on women to take care of his needs than his acting  job. From Ekiti State, he’s taken part in Spider, Two Can Play, Different World and so on. Just back from the United kingdom where he went to service one of them, there’s another one in Magodo, Lagos who thought she could tame him by leaving her truck with him and to be posing around in. But when he started lifting other women with it, the Magodo babe quickly retrieved it from him. Endowed with a sugar-coated mouth, he’s however not too endowed ‘below’. One of his customers revealed this recently, after they fell out. Still on the prowl, the guy is fair skinned, of average height, nice physique and is gradually garnering a bad reputation due to his lazy and undignified way of life.

NB: First published November 2013

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