Servant of the Most High God and General Overseer of Revival Assembly (with headquarters in Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos), Apostle Anselm Madubuko, effective Monday, July 24, 2017, will be holding the 15th edition of one of his annual events, Azusa.
The one-week programme which usually unfolds and unfurls inside the main auditorium of the Revival Miracle Cathedral, this year, will feature other preachers of the gospel like Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio, Rev. Dr. Sam Tukura and Archbishop Isaac Nworji.
For praise and worship, the likes of Frank Edwards, Sinach, Chioma Jesus, Solomon Lange, Kenny Saint Best, Ighosa and Higher Dimension Choir will be around to take care of that. To shed more light on all the other things to expect, however, YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, AZUH ARINZE visited Apostle Madubuko on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. But beyond that, the duo equally delved into other pertinent issues like President Muhammadu Buhari’s medical challenge, the way out and why Nigeria and Nigerians must continue as one. Excerpts…


Azusa is going to be 15 this year, what should we expect this time?
Yeah! By the grace of God, everything powerful from God, everything real, not fake…

We know that every year, you invite different preachers to bless God’s people during Azusa. Who are the preachers we are expecting this year?
There’s Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio, there’s Rev. Sam Tukura and there’s Bishop Isaac Nworji. They will be joining me to bring the Word of God at this time. We will also have the praise concert on Sunday. We have Chioma Jesus, Frank Edwards, Sinach and we are having our own choir also, The Higher Dimension. Then KSB, Ighosa and others.

So, why did you settle for these servants of God this year?
Well, I just feel that it’s important that you get people who you flow with, people who you know are seasoned and are not emotional; but people who can hear God and bring it as it is.

This year’s Azusa, between when and when is it holding?
From 24th of July, Monday, to Sunday, the 30th of July, 2017.

This is the 15th edition. What new things should we expect?
Well, the anointing is new every morning. So, we expect new things from the Lord. But basically, it’s about Jesus who doesn’t change. He’s constant. The constant thing is Jesus who doesn’t change. Styles change and all that, but He doesn’t.

What would you say has been the greatest impact made by Azusa in the lives of people since it began?
My dear, lives have been touched, changed, revived; ministries have come alive; people have received personal testimonies and miracles; babies. I saw twins that are 14 years. They were born Azusa 2. There are diverse miracles that I’ve seen, real testimonies of changed lives; changed and touched by God. So, I cannot thank God enough.

Who would you like to come talk to our people during Azusa that you have not been able to attract? Or that has not found time to come…
Nobody yet!

Of all the editions, which would you describe as the most memorable and why?
I think the 15th edition will be (general laughter). I think the 15th will be.

This whole idea of Azusa concept, how did it start?
You know we all have different assignments in the Body of Christ. Some are called for different reasons. And God specifically called me for revival – to stir up…There’s a coming revival. It hasn’t come yet, but there’s a coming revival. So, I’m just trying to keep it until the whole thing comes. Azusa is not just a religious thing, it’s about a move of God. The history of Azusa started in 1906, when God visited this earth on a street called Azusa in California, USA. So, that’s what my passion is. We wanna see God in his elements.

Like in the past, are we still going to have the morning and evening sessions this year?
Yes, we are gonna have three sessions – morning, mid-morning and evening.

Between when and when will these happen?
Earning morning is called The Morning Glory, from 6 to 8am; then we have The Mid-Morning Session, from 10am to 12pm; then The Evening Session, from 6-9pm. But on Sunday, we will have the 9 o’clock session (in the morning) and The Praise Session, from 3 o’clock.

Can you tell us one specific thing that you’ve asked God for as we get ready for this year’s Azusa?
I told Him to touch somebody! Let Him revive somebody! Let Him bring back the love for God and the fear of God in the lives of His people.

Enough on Azusa. What do you feel about what is going on in Nigeria generally?
Oh! There is fire on the mountain, there is fire on the mountain, and this Azusa, we are going to take out a day to pray specifically for Nigeria and Kenya. These two nations…Kenyans are about to have their elections and it’s very hot; it’s in August. Nigeria is under tension. Numerous problems and hydra-headed in those nations. So, we are going to take out a day specifically to pray for these two nations, because Satan has bad things in mind for us and if we do not pray, it will be terrible. And nobody will be spared! It’s not about Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa. Everybody will be involved and you can’t imagine what will happen if trouble starts in Nigeria. The whole of Africa will be in trouble. In fact, the whole world will be in trouble. When you have 60,70,80 million people trying to move away from Nigeria, you can’t even imagine it. But by the grace of God, that will not happen because we have a God that answers prayers.

A lot of people are worried about the health status of our President, Muhammadu Buhari. As a minister of God, what is your assessment of what is going on?
Well, I don’t like how they are making it a secret. That’s what I don’t like, because anybody can be sick and I believe the people deserve the right to know what actually is wrong with our President. So, we are not happy about it, but we are praying to God to intervene.

Other than to pray, what are other renowned men of God like you doing to rescue Nigeria from the precipice?
There’s nothing else we owe this country than prayers. Nothing else! We are not politicians, we are not governors, we are not in the senate or the House of Assembly. Our job is simply to lift up this nation and those in the corridors of power to be in sync with the mind of God. That’s what we owe this country and in our own little ways we urge the people, when we have opportunities like this, not to embark on things that will heat up the polity. But to speak kinder words concerning this nation.

How come none of the men of God saw this coming? A lot of them were routing for Buhari at that time. Didn’t they see it or they saw it and kept quiet to get ex-President Goodluck Jonathan off the scene? In fact, the only person who warned us was Gov. Ayo Fayose, and not any man of God?
Well, whether you saw it or didn’t see it; it won’t have changed anything. We are in it now, so the most important thing is for us to get out of it. That’s the important thing.

So, how do we get out of it?
God will bring us out, in His own way, at His own time…

No man can do it?
No! It’s beyond (any man). This thing is not in the hand of any man. Some men think they are the ones manipulating the system, but God is the one doing His thing. It will come out; everything will come out clear at the end of the day.

You are wearing a new look. In fact, this is the first time we are seeing you not clean-shaven. Why have you decided to grow your beards?
I’m tired of shaving (general laughter). I’m tired of every morning putting blade on my face. So, I said let me just cool down and see how it goes. If it comes out well, I will leave it; if it doesn’t, I will take it off again…

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