The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of one of the leading banks in the country was recently conned of a whooping $1 million (about N200 million)! Sources privy to the scam which has been dominating discourse in the financial sector told YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine that the bank MD, from the South South, and with a first name that is synonymous with a popular street in the Yaba area of Lagos, had been approached by the Delta dude who is into the media business to assist him with some PR job.
The bank MD, it would be recalled, ran into trouble not long ago, which no doubt dented both his name and also that of his bank. It was amidst that, that the Delta dude approached him with a proposal to do some media work for him by reaching out to some people in order to reverse the man’s story from negative to positive.
Done with their discussion, the man handed him $1 million cash. But contrary to their agreement, the Delta dude disappeared with the money. It was, however, when the bad press persisted and after he had pocketed the money, that the bank MD got to know that he had been duped. Sadly, he can’t do anything to the Delta dude – especially because the money was not receipted.
The ‘kingly’ bank MD has the first alphabet beginning the name of his bank. And for the Delta dude, it is alphabets 14 and 15. The top banker has been demoralised and saddened ever since – sharing his sad story with those that care to listen as well as those willing to lend him their ears for his now regular lamentations.

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