chivita-man-united-adSince brands get recognition through the experiences they are associated with, it is important to ensure that their communications are developed to draw attention to positive emotions. A communication campaign that has done this well in the past few weeks and which has generated so much talk is the Chivita 100% ‘Juice Ball’ commercial. Currently running on multiple communication platforms, the commercial has endeared more consumers to the brand from market indications. According to Emeka Nwosu, a marketing communications consultant with Wings Concepts, “The brand presence and growth of Chivita 100% juice from the house of CHI Limited has of recent been exceptional with the deployment of the ‘Juice Ball’ commercial that is now  on every broadcast station, social media space, billboards as well as sustained media article exposure in print publications”. For Olamide Ajayi, a sports content marketing executive, “The Chivita 100%  campaign has in recent times attracted the attention of communications experts for its adherence to the principles of great advertising. It is necessary to separate good advertising from great advertising because when certain basic fundamentals are adhered to, great commercials are capable of arousing the emotion in a way that deepens the interest of the target audience and brings about a lasting relationship and that is what Chi Limited has done with this commercial.” According to Chi Limited’s Head of Marketing, Mr. Probal Bhattacharya, “The success of the ‘Juice Ball’ commercial in raising awareness on the amazing quality and benefits of Chivita 100% is not surprising because the whole campaign has been designed and executed based on clear consumer insight with the objective of reaching  consumers at the relevant touch points. In fact, we are excited about the feedback we are receiving on ‘the Juice Ball’ campaign as it confirms our research findings on effective ways to engage the consumers. Just as consumers are excited about the commercial, we are confident that Chivita 100% fruit juice will continue to meet their expectations and sustain the excitement in more ways than one”. Produced from the finest collection of local and imported fruits and squeezed into affordable packs, Chivita 100% fruit juice comes with no added sugar, colour or preservatives and is available in six variants: Real Orange, Real Apple, Real Pineapple, Real Grape, Orange Pineapple & Orange, Mango and in 1 litre, 315ml and 250ml pack sizes.

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