Encounter With Engr. Paul Oni, The Multi-Talented Health Expert – By Ayo Oyoze Baje



The search for home-grown remedies to the several challenges Nigerians face on daily basis, including that of health has challenged some creative citizens to dig deeper within and bring out the products that would serve as solutions to sundry ailments.

It is in the search for such determined individuals that the encounter with the subject of this piece came up. He is Engineer Paul Abayomi Adebayo-Oni, the CEO of Peculiar Projects Nigeria Limited manufacturers of HERBIOTICS and OXIBIOTICS. These have proven the assertion that only a thin line exists between food and drugs. And more importantly that God has graciously made available the solutions to the challenges we face all around us, if only we dare to find out what they are. The right application of modern technology matters a lot.

It would interest readers to know that apart from being a professional aeronautic engineer and manufacturer of drugs he is currently the Chairman of the Ogun State Chapter of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and that of the Guild of Public Affairs Analyst of Nigeria (GPAAN).

The questions thrown up by his diversified educational and professional backgrounds are compelling. Who is he? What gave him the inspiration to veer into the production of herbiotics and oxibiotics, when and where? What are his products and their nutritional/health benefits to the consumers?

Others include his experience with NAFDAC, the marketing of his products, what he wants the government to do for him, partnerships, his piece of advice to the youths and of course, his plans for the future.

Tell us about yourself given your profile.

I am Engineer Paul Oni, I am an Aeronautic Engineer who graduated from the Nigerian Air Institute of Technology and worked on the C-130 Hercules Haulage Aircraft afterwards for 10 years before retiring from the Nigerian Air Force with the rank of Squadron Leader.

What gave you the inspiration to begin this health practice, where and when?

My inspiration for making Herbal Medicine came from home from both paternal and maternal lineages where I captured two major herbal remedies used for particular ailments 50 years ago in both Lagos and Ibadan when both cities where we lived then were village settings. I then got inspiration from the HOLY GHOST having interacted with zoologist, pharmacists and doctors to upgrade and modernize 3 major Herbal Medications and I got them certified by NAFDAC.

What were your initial challenges and how did you overcome them?

My initial challenges were how to standardize in such a way that dosages would be healthy to achieve set out goals of cures of major diseases and how to produce with machines. I overcame the former through several laboratory studies and the later by buying a couple of machines through grants and subcontracting. There are still many machines that I need to make the job much easier.

What are your products and their nutritional/health benefits?

My major Medications are: 1. OXIBIOTICS Herbal Mixture A7-100057L an Immune Booster for cancer, malignancies, gangrenous sores, fibrosis, typhoid fever, cholera, coagulation, liver sirosis, hepatitis, kidney disease viral infections and bacteria infections.

  1. HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder A7-2348L an Antioxidant for pile, constipation, kidney disease and general metabolism. 3. ALEGBOIN Herbal Powder A7-2347L for erectile dysfunctions and men’s sexual health.

What was your experience with NAFDAC?

My experience with NAFDAC was highly challenging because they are meticulous but I was able to surmount all their stipulations.

What are your marketing techniques for your drugs?

Marketing our products has been a huge challenge because of lack funds to do enough adverts and do a befitting public presentation of the Medications. Presently, we are not into any partnership.

What are your current challenges and what precisely do you want the government to do for you?

The current challenge we are facing is the area of funding to upgrade with better machines and better Advert placements to create awareness.

What I need from the government right now is partnership for clinical trials against cancer and viral infections like COVID-19.

What is your piece of advice to Nigerian youth?

Youths interested in my kind of business must be dogged and honest. Dogged to go all out and be honest so as not to cut corners to produce standard products.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future include having the capability to conduct clinical trials for my Medications and thus make them available for prescriptions by doctors to save lives.

I relax by having sound sleep, exercises and activism for a better society.


Out there across the country are the likes of highly determined and ingenious Nigerians with valuable ideas that could provide solutions to our current challenges in the fields of education, health, transportation, agriculture and infrastructure.

The monumental hurdles they have to scale over include lack of much-needed stable electric power, funds such as single-digit interest loans. Others are the right linkage with research institutes that are also lacking in funds and are battling with several products and ideas that are stalled at the pilot stage. Should they find themselves in saner climes, the right and enabling environment would be there to propel them to greater heights.

That explains why virtually on daily basis we read about the academic feats and research findings of Nigerians outside our shores. The time has therefore, come for our policy makers to quickly identify, highlight and encourage our creative minds to become the best they could ever be, without jetting out but right here in Nigeria. The time to act is now!

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