Face Your Dwindling Music Career And Leave Ambode And I Alone, K1 Fires Back At Obesere


The media space reverberated recently over the shocking and unexpected outburst of Fuji music icon, Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe, aka K1, on the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode.

Two days later, another Fuji music act, Abass Akande, popularly known as Obesere, joined the fray, attacking K1 over his (Wasiu’s) stance on Ambode and the Lagos APC leaders’ debacle.

But the media team of the music super star, led by Kunle Rasheed, has responded, blasting Obesere and asking him to mind his business.  According to Mr. Rasheed, Obesere is nothing but an opportunist who wants to latch onto K1’s fame to get noticed by all means.

He, therefore, advised Obesere to concentrate on his vastly diminished music career instead of using K1 in his political “yahoo” game.

Said he, ‘Ordinarily, we would not bother ourselves with the usual rantings of Fuji act, Abass Omorapala Obesere, because K1 will never entertain such idea. But as a concerned party, we need to set the records straight, hence this timely advice to Obesere.

‘We can glean that Obesere positioned in his epistle to disparage the person of Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, a.k.a. K1 De Ultimate, for no just cause. We have been watching the entertainment scene for a while and have come to the conclusion that Obesere is an opportunist who waits for K1 to either err or take an action for his voice to be heard.

‘One good thing which life has taught us is that the truest mark of being born with great qualities is being born without envy. This has prompted our belief that Obesere’s issue with K1 borders on envy and nothing else. Obesere should know that K1 remains a prominent APC member in the state and as such is a bonafide stakeholder in the affairs of his party. Instead of Obesere dabbling into a matter that doesn’t concern him, he should as a matter of urgency concentrate more on re-jigging his dwindling musical career.

‘K1 has done well both as a musician and a politician.
The czar of Fuji music has done so many hits after hits and has always remained relevant in the Nigerian music scene. Of late, Obesere’s voice and face become only visible when the issue of K1 issue arises. Why is this, if not envy?

‘While the same K1 was busy campaigning for Governor Akin Ambode in 2015, Obesere did a song that “Eyin magbale, awa ma gbadun” (meaning APC members should continue sweeping, his own people (PDP) will continue to enjoy).

´Now that PDP has failed in both the states and at the federal level, Obesere now solicits patronage from the same party he had derided in the past. We have observed that Obesere is like a sinking man who will desperately hang on to anything to go down with him. We have also observed that the hatred he harbours for K1 has not ceased despite K1 offering olive branches to him several times .

´We advise Alhaji Abass Obesere to heed the words of the great writer PK Thomajan, that “Grudges get heavier, the longer they are carried” and we implore him to shed himself of this unnecessary envy and let K1 be,’ Rasheed concluded.

Obesere and K1 have always been at war for as long as many of us can remember. Beyond ‘yabbing’ each other in their songs, both have found it extremely difficult to operate from the same page.

Their differences came to the fore again following the emergence online of K1’s shocking outburst against Governor Ambode of Lagos at one of the political events organised by Jide Sanwoolu, an APC governorship aspirant in Lagos.

Obesere issued a statement where he thoroughly blasted K1, and condemned his action. Now, K1’s media team has also responded.

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