You must have heard of sex in high places? Okay, let me just share another of the salacious stories with you. In Igboland at the moment, the three-letter word is currently tearing some homes and families and friendships apart. And at the centre are a former governor, a billionaire buisnessman and a member of the Federal House of Representatives. The former governor used to administer a state with alphabet A beginning its name. While his own name has O in it. The House of Reps. member equally has alphabet O in hers and hails from the same state in the South East with him. For the billionaire, he’s very, very controversial and from a popular political family in a neighbouring state which again has alphabet A beginning its name. YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine was reliably informed that the HOR member, who is married, but rides roughshod over her husband, was initially dating the former governor during his tenure. But no sooner did the man leave office than she pitched her tent with the billionaire. A move that didn’t quite go well with the former governor. More so, after finding out that it was his friend who snatched his secret lover.
Now, both men no longer see eye to eye. They have also vowed to deal with each other and have already begun as they now work surreptitiously to undermine themselves both politically and business-wise, where they all play big. The HOR member, for more clarity, is very, very fair, pretty and madly in love with hats. A good dresser, she’s been in politics now for over a decade– having started at the local level in her state, before going national. For the two men fighting over her, they have this penchant for turning out in Safari suits. They are also not too endowed when it comes to height and could be cantankerous attimes. Especially over political issues.

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