Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas’ Strong Warning To President Donald Trump: Behave Yourself Or Destroy Your 300 Years Generation And Her Wisdom For Women

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Recalling Her Knowledgeable’s previous submissions and pronouncement in the United Kingdom on 23rd July, 2016 as (i) The Chairman and Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party and (ii) The Chieftain of The Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission and (iii) The Royal Mother of Nations of Commonwealth, she had vowed strongly to protect the virtues of her office and her people.



  1. Dissolve the European Union Club and reinstate the power of the divine rights of king.


  1. Kill democracy an institution and institute; the acts of politics because democracy is a bandit style of government stolen by British rogue politicians after the beheading of King Charles i in 1649.


  1. Create the amalgamation of Britain, America, Canada and Australia and return home our lost colonial sons who force-mastered themselves to claim a destructive sovereignty by institution of democracy from their lust ideologies because a Oliver Crowmwell allegedly robbed King Charles I, of his throneship of the great kingdom of Britain, leading to the false separation that led to America’s independence.



First of all, there are Hybrid Humans. Hybrid Human means I don’t look like you guys. I have said that the provision of House, Water, Light, Medicals and Amenities for man is not actually a favour, but a necessity of life. What is life, is values and virtues. A woman giving you sex does not really mean anything, because sex is cheap. Since back in the day, sex has been constitutionalized into prostitution. Women use sex for prostitution. So, if women use sex for prostitution, that means every woman is cheap. So, there is nothing for one woman to tell one man she is important anymore because a man can go into the market and buy sex.


Sex has been a trade that the Greek, the Greece, the Ancient indulged in. Sex has reigned in the era of the Bible. Sex has been a real trade. So, if sex is a business, then no man should really respect a woman; only a woman that will give them values and virtues. A woman that cannot impart a man’s life, a man is not even allowed to show her any importance because who are you? When I could go out and buy a better woman than you. What are we talking about? The White Brothers are not teaching the Black Brothers virtues and values. Since the era of the Mohammed, since the era of the Jesus, sex has been a business. So, if you really need a woman, because sex is a business, then many men should not bother marrying themselves, only if they can find a woman who is different.


What makes you different from the regular prostitute? It’s your values and virtues. And what are your values and virtues? Your values and virtues are your thoughts, Hybrid, Thinking, Love, Creation, Invention. Having babies doesn’t mean anything, because every woman has ovaries, foetus. You ‘fuck’, you get pregnant. That is not even a big deal. So, what makes a woman important? Bearing child? Rubbish! What makes you important: your ability to make a man, your ability to inspire your man, your ability to be a business partner with your man, your ability to sit with your man and plan the unplannable, your ability to tell your man, we can create this and we can create that. Your ability to born a child for a man does not make you important, because every correct woman with a correct womb will get pregnant! Even mad man will ‘f–k you and you will get pregnant. Small boy whose sperm (gestation syrup) is working at the age of 19 would f–k me now and I will get pregnant.

So, me getting pregnant and having a child does not make me important, because the ovaries, the womb, are the normalcy of everyday life. You put in and it processes into baby. That’s what it is. Your mother, house wife; she is not important.

Sex has been tested in every ramification of life and it’s a sickness that equally cures a man. So, if sex has been a business since the era of the Bible, then who is one stupid woman to say I don’t sell  my body. Your body is not better than the ones that sell their bodies, because it is actually nothing, that is why they sell it. You call it too important you cover it, but there are people that are goddess, looking like Bianca Ojukwu. That is why you have ‘blue film’, you have sex film. They have even taken it so far that they even do it now ‘with a’ dog, goat, ‘fucking’ horse. So, no woman is important, only if she can imparts values and virtues in a man’s life. To born a child for a man doesn’t make you important. So, as the world grows bigger, we shall relegate women by their portion. Every woman that wants to born a child, then we put you in the barrack where you belong. Be borning child! You want to be borning child, you want to born useless and bastard children and you cannot teach them anything? What do you teach them, hatred! You teach them hatred to go and fight neighbours, to go and steal from neighbours. Is that what you are? No.


So, for the first time, we shall give values to women that sell their bodies, because they have made housewives to know you are a nobody. The women that sell their bodies will make housewives to get ready to know that you can not use sex to punish a man, and you don’t even know how to ‘f–k’ either, you just open your legs and sleep, one style. They tell me I do one style, but I don’t even remember, because I am something else. I don’t like the sex thing though because for me I hate the body that I am even a woman. So, my style is different. My husband says to me, I don’t remember making love to you. My husband said that all the four babies we had is a drop of sperm that made all the babies. Come, belle born, come, belle born, Come, belle born, So, all he remembers is coming, belle and born. He doesn’t really have any remembrance to say, oh, the sex was sweet.

So, every woman must actually up their games. Intellectualism and knowledge will be the new values and virtues of the 21st century. I will encourage men to start divorcing their wives because useless women would make useless babies. We need women to think, think, think. We need women to sit with their husbands and be their compatriots. You woman has a diamond in you. Women have been so negative that they try to even influence how men reason. Women are becoming badluck. Who are you? Why would you want to control a man’s life? Because you are what?


Why would you want to control a man’s life, because you want to born? To born is cheap. There are a lot of children in motherless babies home, they don’t even have a mother to claim them. So, why would you want to control a man’s life, because he is my business partner, because we are making money. If you cannot help your man to bring values and virtues in life, then you should not even hang around the man in the first place, because values and virtues will teach morals. You will teach your husband how not to fight. You will teach your husband how not to be angry. You will teach your husband how to believe in himself. You will teach your husband the perfect world that you or no man creates and that is the life. So, for the first time, men are like babies, men have been fed with false premise or false lies, because the book of truth has been destroyed. So, man no longer knows the truth. What you call the African culture is the African destruction, because Africans have no brain, so they create their own destruction. It is just like America invented democracy to destroy themselves.


So, first of all, I woke up this morning, Saturday, 23rd February, 2017, and I want to send a very strong warning to Donald Trump. Very strong warning. It’s time for me to control him like the baby he is. Being a billionaire actually means nothing. His riches is a pieces of paper. So, Donald Trump needs to get stick in his head. Enough is enough. Donald Trump wants to destroy the world.  I have just only one mission in the world, the Amalgamation of America, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Americans are our sons whom we had sent out in the 15th century to go conquer that land. America belongs to nobody. America shall be a Protectorate, Australia shall be a Protectorate, Canada shall be a Protectorate. It is high time Donald Trump found his root. It’s high time Donald Trump went back to Political Mythology and realise that the Muslims and the Christians are not really the problems of his politics, and realise that the military weaponry are not really the problems of the world. Americans have destroyed the world enough. It is high time all Americans returned home.

There shall be new laws made in America, there shall be a new world and it is high time the Blacks returned home. America shall be a Protectorate, Australia shall be a Protectorate, Immigration and Migration is all nonsense, it makes no sense. How can you talk about closing a border that doesn’t even belong to your own father, who went there in search of honey. It makes no sense.

I have woken up many a time and they speak to me- The Commonwealth Citizens Doom and Rebirth. I wake up and spirits and angels speak to me. I woke up, I was ordained as the Defender of the Universe. I celebrated my title in November 2015.

I woke up this morning and I am angry because one, I did see the Philippines Man (President Duterte), who tried to send that lady Senator to jail, and I watched the lady’s speech, but people are massacred everyday. In the course of wanting to set her up, they said she was the one selling the drug. But today, I woke up to declare before my people of the world, that there is nothing wrong in selling drug. In the 15th century, cocaine was dignified, it’s called the Wonder Medicine. Cocaine was sold at the counter. Toothache medicine, cocaine is inside; Coca Cola is. Listen to me, the world has brought itself into a disreputable state where men are hungry. Since the advent of the Chemical Science, man no longer has values for man anymore. Just the way I sit down and I speak the holy words that liberate the hearts of men through philosophy, that was the world of education that we created. But now what is happening; all the men think about is Chemical Science. You saw the way they killed Kim Jong-nam. Just one little something to cover his head, less than 15 minutes, the man is dead. Killing clean. The world has gone mad. Nobody talks of life’s values and virtues anymore, all they want to do is destruction. That’s why I no longer pick my phone calls, because only a phone call, they will send radioactive wave on you. The world has gone bizarre and the world have gone mad.


So, my concern this morning, everybody has a centre stage, everybody has when their voices shall be heard. Jesus did not start his gospel until he was 12 years old. So, he was in the incubator, he was being nurtured. Today, I am 44 years, Mohammed went to the cave at the age of 40, and then the Angels spoke to him and he came back to the wife, and said, ‘Angels spoke to me’ and that was the beginning of Mohammed, the Muslimism ideology and religion.


I woke up this morning, I don’t even know whether I am going say I heard the voice. I woke up this morning and I am just hearing what a hell, what’s wrong with cocaine? When a man is angry, he thinks too much, how does he put himself together, he takes drug. Drug is a hyper-drug. When you can no longer control yourself, is it not better you take drug than to kill yourself. A man is tired of life, there is no food to eat, he is hungry, morning, night, day, no job, what does he do, he takes cocaine. What does that do, it makes him high, so there is nothing wrong with that. Who has the power from Malaysia, Japan to be killing Nigerians. I need to send a strong warning to Donald Trump. Donald Trump needs to send my strong warnings to his compatriots.

Whoever turns down my voice shall die a death of shame. Whoever turns down my voice shall be hunted in their sleep. I will not be the one to flog them. Whoever hears my voice and does not obey in this message, their family of three generation shall carry the curses. No man has a right to kill any man. There is nothing wrong in drug. Donald Trump should call his compatriots together. He should warn the Japanese Government, he should warn the Malaysian Government, he should warn the Taiwan Government, Thailand Government, Philippines Government, every locked down man should be released. Every seized asset that belongs to drug barons since 1920s, their assets should be unfrozen and given back to their families. Every drug baron that you have seized their money, they seized their assets. It is unacceptable. You are telling me cocaine is destructive, then you should first of all get Coca Cola to change their name.

You want to erase that there was a cocaine culture that gave us values and virtues in the 15th century? You want to erase that there was a Cocaine culture that made the Kings and the Queens to dance the dance of honour. Oh! the wonder drug, it was dignified, the Queen signed it, buy cocaine, the King signed it, buy cocaine. At what point did these children, these fools, government fools of this era wake up and say oh the drug is bad. The foundation of today was built on the legacy of yesterday … How dare you dare the authorities of the ancestors? Who are you? Where do you come from? Who born monkey, Who born you? Donald Trump, wake up.

I had said that Donald Trump is going to ban Africans from entering America by 2024. So, when a philosopher says the word, it must be averted; all efforts must be made. That is exactly what it is. We need to stop the Apocalypse of Judaism, the destruction of the World. Americans need to return home. Enough of the destruction of the world. There is nothing to be happy about. Oh, our military myth. Your military myth is military nonsense, because the era that powered today’s future, men fought like gladiators. Can Donald Trump fight like gladiators? Sitting in one corner to press a missile, what does that make you? Let Ejike Nnanna go and fight Michael Edematie, that is what we call man. Men, hehehehe, you punch yourselves, not that Ejike carries one small weapon, shoots Michael, he is happy, oh I killed him. You are a fool. Go and fight him and see whether physical strength would even kill him. So, why are we dignifying foolish technology that brings destruction to humans. What is that? The nerve agent that killed Kim Jong-nam, they had it since 1950. America even has their own in quantum in their lab. So, what the hell are we talking about. Strong message to Donald Trump, wake up.



During the electioneering campaign, Donald Trump made a lot of promises that he was going to fulfil when he comes in. He talked about immigration, talked about building a wall and all that. Now, the White brothers in America heard him saying all these and Donald Trump was able to convince them that the Blacks, the Muslims have taken all the jobs in America, that’s why the White brothers are jobless. So, what’s your major grouse against Donald Trump, don’t you think he is trying to fulfil his campaign promises?



Well, there is nothing called campaign promises because there is actually nothing called democracy in the first place. Democracy is a bandit government that was enforced after the beheading of King Charles I in 1649, and the books of truth were destroyed and that’s it. There is nothing called taking jobs. Must man work? Man must not work because the Garden of Eden is true in the Bible. Few men are meant to work and the majority of men are meant to enjoy. So, there is nothing called work. Work is actually slave trade. To tell a man to work is to slave a man, because a Man must not really work and that is what it is. So, what promises? There are no promises. What’s Donald Trump’s background, who gave birth to him, who is his father? To be a millionaire is a robbery. You trade money for money. Does that make you a human? No.


Donald Trump is an angry man because he has been given the wrong education. The wrong education is the education that brainwashes you to see the opposite human as an enemy of you. So, Donald Trump is just an angry man that has been given the wrong economic education and that’s the problem of Donald trump. He has been given the wrong economic education, where for the first time, he wants to trade his money by money and at times he has friction on the way. So, every man that wants to trade money by money is a bandit. He doesn’t know what he is doing. But when it comes to his Political Mythology, I am ready to be his teacher. I am ready to teach him values and virtues and i want him to have the legacy of being seen as a man who can wake the truth. Since he has money all over the world, we will use his money to bring adventures of the true book of morals that founded the world without bible and Christianity. Christianity and Muslimism have caused too much problems in the world.

Go and read the history of mythology. These were nations that wanted to be isolated but the white brothers were still the ones that still went to sell them ammunition, stole from them. It is the vengeance of the white brothers’ destruction on them that made them to be ruthless. The Muslim religion is still better because they love isolation, so the Christians should leave them alone. There is nothing wrong. Religion is not what rules the World. Ideology and Knowledge are what rule the world. So, Donald Trump has been taught the wrong education in Economics. My advice is for Donald Trump to first of all find his root. He is not an American. He should return back home. He should trace his father, trace his grandfather and trace his great-grand father and decide where he wants to settle in the world. I urge him to leave America alone, else the spirit would come for him, because his anger wants to see the destruction of the world. The ancestors of the United Kingdom will fight him and his 300 generations will suffer, so it is time Donald Trump woke.



One more question Prof. You have talked about Donald Trump wanting to destroy the world, in what manner and what are your estimations?



I didn’t say Donald Trump wants to destroy the world. He is an angry man who has been taught the wrong economic education. He is a business man who trades money for money. So, if you are angry and you are given the false premise of life, you are going to harbour hatred, so that is the problem of Donald Trump. He doesn’t know what he is doing. How would you know what you are doing when you are influenced by your girlfriend; how would you know what you are doing, when you are influenced by your mother; how would you know what you are doing, when you are influenced by your father; have you asked yourself the question: who influenced your father’s advice? Your father will say my grandfather. Have you asked yourself the question: who then influenced your grandfather’s advice? Your great-grand father. Have you then asked yourself the Question, who then influenced your great-grandfather’s advice, my great-grandmother? Have you then asked yourself if it’s your father, grandfather, grandmother, then who then influenced their own,

So, the birth of the world is infinity and the death of the world is infinity. Since man is influenced by man, then for the first time, man needs to seek the universe to get truth coming down.

And that is why you have for the First One and Only Woman, the Mysterious Woman, Her Knowledgeable, the only Woman with the Wisdom of the World and that is it.



  1. The prorogation of justice requires leadership courtesy of impunity law to mandate the rule of law effectisation of equality without debarment of peoples right to overturn the rulership of few men over the majority of mass submission.
  2. Tyranny of government is their disability of the mind, mediocrity and of illusional hypocrisy.
  3. Democracy ideologies must be nullified as it is being misinterpreted into fools ideology and manipulated in the mind of the people.
  4. This is 21st century outlaw government will not be entertained, any outlaw government must be impeached as failure to ban or terminate their appointment will see the death of citizens massacred in their reign.
  5. The conscience of guilt must awake man’s consciousness of leadership to understand the mind of the man he is ruling and the mind of the man he is governing.
  6. Parliamentarians ideology of democracy is a fools illiteracy to run leadership either by hunt or by crude.
  7. When the greatest abuse is oppressive injustice and oppressive injustice is charted by law, the voice of justice is silence.
  8. Human race has the power to enact love energy to accept different race with oneness and love.
  9. Democracy is not the rule of law in favour of the people, rather it is conceptualise by power greed from ordinary citizens of all nations to unleash their ideas either vague or porous.
  10. Governments of countries should stop being an oppressionist, imprisonist and jailer, henceforth know humans are vulnerable, in service of government managers, police, immigration, army and crown servants must make their office an altar to protect man.
  11. Party bureaucracy to segregate persons by colour, race and language is an obscenity. Shame it out.
  12. The segregation of persons’ with rights of sovereignty is a hate crime.
  13. The government cannot use the constitution as a weapon to jeopardies the peoples free will liberty.
  14. The people are a rat race and the government are a quantity, how possible is it that a unit can oust a battalion.
  15. If all basic human rights and infrastructures are in place and no more poverty degrades a man’s ego, a man will be willing to serve his nation with all submissions.
  16. Human love is the bet of common reasoning.
  17. Man must meet man at a centre where leadership sees no barriers and bill of citizens equality right is a mandate.
  18. Parliament is a house full with politicians who are illiterates by the rule of democracy because their knowledge of leadership is voice for noise.
  19. Politics is the only school with no academy and now is the time to enforce the act of politics as the best solution that will breed leaders who will not fall foul of a wise man deceit to give rubbles and claim gold.
  20. When a government is outlaw then they operate a regime in terror.
  21. A man cannot be given what he already own, so government are not your masters but your puppets, do not limit your restrain to their tyranny.
  22. President Donald Trump by 2024 will lead Nigeria into a civil war by bombing northern Nigeria because of his hatism on Muslimism religion; unless averted.
  23. In politics, emotional criticism is triggered by greed, anger and vain talks, while logical criticism is triggered by principles.
  24. A political party is a confraternity; one leader, one voice, one talk, one submission. Against the ethics makes you a traitor.
  25. House, food, light, water, medicals and amenities are not favours, they are normalcy of life. Deny man these fundamental resources, you desire it not for yourself.
  26. Men are not better than the men they rule, other than they are smarter than the men they rule.
  27. In government, fools rule fools; time for the wise to breed knowledge and reasoning.
  28. Intellectualism and knowledge will be the new values and virtues of the 21st century.
  29. The pain of one man is the pain of you as the pain man is a mirror of your body.
  30. In the human kingdom we can common sense ourselves, let common-sense us.

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