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Fiery Nigeria-born British human rights activist, Professor Alexia Thomas, Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, UK, a registered political party in Britain, as well as President, Independent Diplomat Commission, IDC, in an exclusive interview, has accused the British government of myriad atrocities against the blacks in UK…


Professor Alexia ThomasWe know you have been fighting against the deportation of Nigerians and Commonwealth citizens in the United Kingdom (UK), what is your position on the alleged injustice being underwritten by the Legislative Confraternity in Britain?
First of all, we are talking about the predicament of the Commonwealth people, most especially those Nigerians who are victims of legislative confraternity. We are aware, having listened to ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech by Enoch Powell, the mentoring father that actually powered the ruling Conservative Government to continue their hate crimes upon the coloured people. When I sat down to look at the system, to look at their atrocities, to look at the law, I saw that the coloured people do not have a life in the sense that when injustice is chartered as a law, the voice of justice is silent. There is a system, there is a court of the land that is an independent institution, that is supposed to be different from the politics. So when you charter injustice as a law, to make the voice of justice to be silent, that is called Legislative Confraternity. When the white man wants to kill you silently, they make a law. As such, the law is chartered. They make a law that is an injustice law called Alien Law. It is chartered as a Bill, it is chartered as an Act. If for instance they say we are going to kill a man by putting the man to death under the circumstance that the man carries a drug. What is drug? 500 years ago, cocaine got royal assent. Cocaine was dignified. Cocaine was called ‘Wonder Drug’. Everybody dignified cocaine -the kings and princes dignified cocaine.


How do you sentence a man to death for carrying cocaine?

Coca cola’s name originated from cocaine. Coca cola has 60 percent caffeine/cocaine in it. So, in the early 90s, even Sigmund Freud who was one of the big acts in those days, dignified cocaine. He told everybody to take cocaine that cocaine was good
as a drug. The only thing is that he later realized that in his memoir, that the more cocaine you take, the more it becomes abusive to the body. And most of his friends that he had mentored into enjoying this ‘Wonder  Drug’ later died one after the other because they became addicts. Cocaine, 500 years ago, 400 years ago, 300 years ago got royal assent. In the early 19th century, some legislation, some government, some ordinary men who were voted into the seat of power felt let us threaten the people, let us scare them so that nobody takes cocaine, since cocaine was becoming an abusive drug. Cocaine was then legislated as a law. When you make law, a criminal is not a criminal because the government determines what is good and what is bad.
They want to scare the people and made a law. When they made this law, the question is: what will make you kill a man when you cannot create a finger? The only reason for making  a law to be very harsh is because they want to scare people not to do the act they see as bad.

As such when people sell drugs, they send them to prison for like 20 or 30 years, then dispose off their properties. That is Legislative Confraternity, because if cocaine got royal assent 500 years ago, the Queen/Princess dignified it; why will one conventional government of this era that has not led in the Mythology that makes government what it is, decide to kill people or send people to jail for 20 years because they sell cocaine?  That is Legislative Confraternity. The problem is that they felt how do we scare the people? If you look at cocaine as a drug, some pharmaceutical companies are using cocaine as anesthetic. They  use
cocaine as medicine when people go for surgical operation -they inject them alive while operation is being performed in their brains. That is cocaine.


Why is it that some government officials can allegedly use cocaine and the ordinary man cannot? Now if the ordinary man uses cocaine, what is the offense of this ordinary man that will make you to sentence the man to 30
years in prison?
How is this Alien Law analogy related to the politics of this era?

They make this Alien Law just to scare the people. Truth is, when you scare the people, you put them to death and make laws seen as atrocity; it is a proof that the politics of this era does not have ideology. That is why the children of this era that run politics are all illiterates. They make laws to threaten the people they govern. When you make a law that is an Alien Law, because you want to enforce it as a mandate, you enforce it through Legislative Confraternity and that is the problem. Any law that makes no sense and the people of the country or the nation within a society buys into insanity, then it becomes  a Legislative Confraternity.
As I earlier explained, Legislative Confraternity literally translates: when you put a man to death, what will make you to put that man to death?


Who decides which man dies and which man lives? What is a man’s offense that will make a government decide to kill him?

It is an occult, that is what it is. So, Legislative Confraternity means when injustice is chartered as a law, the voice of justice is silent. It is done in an administrative way whereby the system makes a law, and the court is part of it. That is why when you go to court, being that court is advocate of truth, sadly some courts are not fit to exist.


Can you shed more light on this courts’ revelation?

There is nothing like Immigration Law. Truth is: Immigration Law is a sham legislation. If you tell me Immigration Law, every man needs permission to cross the border of every man, then we reference back to Mythology. Who gave British government, British empire visa to travel to Africa? Who gave British government visa to go to the United States of America? Who gave British government visa to go to South Africa? You are telling me that Immigration Law is enforceable! Then who gave you visa as a colonial master to go to South Africa and force them to be their master? You did not only go there, but you sent your armies, brigadiers to go and conquer their lands. Even in conquering their lands, you killed them through Apocalypse of Judaism on their lands. You scattered them, you destroyed the Mythology their fathers built 1,000/5,000 years ago. Then you brought them together, claimed you love them and re-built your own world for them, after which you became their master. How did the United Kingdom get visa to travel to Africa? All the countries in Africa they call Commonwealth today, who gave them visa to go there? Nobody gave them visa. They went into those territories, they compelled them, they killed them, they destroyed their farmlands; they destroyed their heritage, they killed their fathers and even exiled their kings. How dare they (British government)? The Oba of Benin Kingdom in Nigeria was taken away from his throne and exiled out of Africa. How dare they come to your land, take (kidnap) your king, exile your king; they even deported your king out of his own country. These British boys’ fore-fathers have committed so much atrocities. I think common sense should reign. When they want to continue to control the people they govern, they introduce terror laws, they become tyrants, they fear no retribution, they become untouchable, they create laws to kill men/women. The laws that kill a man are hinged on Legislative Confraternity. The lawyers and people of the world should know it today. Anything that destroys a man is legalized despotism. Legalized Despotism is Legislative Confraternity.
Going by the success you have achieved so far for coloured people in the UK against deportation, what is the next stage of the struggle for those detained Nigerians and Commonwealth citizens’ freedom?

Well, the beautiful thing about the next stage of the struggle is that for the first time, I am the universal teacher that teaches the universal knowledge that was never taught in any school. The coloured people,  like I always blame God for creation: the coloured people are prey and white man is a predator. It is like an analogy of the lion and the goat. The lion is the king of the jungle by eating any animal found in the bush. For the first time, humans have bigger brains. As such, the conscience of guilt
is setting in gradually. All I want to say is to call the government of the white people that the kings from the thrones  and their spirits are now fighting for freedom of the coloured people. Every servant will one day become a master. The blacks have been enslaved and slaved for more than 3,000 years. And I think, they (the blacks) need to go. The white man can no longer use Legislative Confraternity to hold them down.


Tell us about your alleged shocking discovery of coloured people’s dehumanization in British mental hospital.

Most of the coloured brothers are presently in Britain’s mental hospital. The white man creates two organs of Legislative Confraternity: the first organ is prison, which means when you do what they don’t want, they will send you to prison since it is chartered as a law; through their rules (do’s and don’ts), and if you do their don’ts, they will call you a criminal. You are not actually a criminal, but have only done what you feel as a man. When the system cannot look after your affair, you do the things
a man should do. Since it is chartered as a law, and says you should not do it, you are called a criminal and sent to prison. Most of the coloured people from black nations such as Nigerians and others, many have on their own been fighting Legislative Confraternity in Britain. The only problem is that they are lone voices in the wilderness. What the white man did was to create the Mental Health Act.  The Mental Health Act 1983 is the most monstrous law. Any black man who decides to fight Prime Minister, who
decides to fight an abusive system, these black people are sent to Mental Hospital. The Mental Health Act is sham legislation. That is the law that has killed the future of the blacks. That law has been set up since 1983. Any black man who challenges the white man, any black man who has already settled in the land of the white, having children (half-caste); the white man knows they cannot get them out of Britain. They will then send police to their house, in the course of arrest and torment by the police,
if they (coloured people) want to fight back for self-defense, police will section them. The police will then send them to Mental Hospitals. The doctors in Mental Hospitals begin to inject them. There are two professions currently reigning in UK: the lawyers who are all migrants coming here because they are hungry; come here and get jobs with the title of solicitors.
They are actually puppets, all they do is sing Immigration Law and that is Legislative Confraternity. They (the solicitors) continue to pull the government of UK Home Office, by telling the blacks what they are not able to do,  enforcing them to get married using the Marriage Act of Residence. When a married man from Africa (with wife, children, family back home) comes here to work as a slave, by doing all the odd jobs: if they are not cleaners, they are security personnel or working as servants (cleaning the white man’s ass), carrying the white man, cleaning their faeces and bathing them. Those are the three jobs for the coloured people (blacks) in Britain. The white people chartered them into those kind of businesses because their own white citizens will not do those jobs. When they (the blacks) work so hard, made their earnings and want to go back to Africa, the white man becomes so jealous that he begins to think that they are now taking away the little money they earned from their hard jobs. The white man becomes angry, that the money will be taken to Africa. Guess what the white man does? The white man creates a scheme which is called the Marriage Act of Residence. This is a scheme that makes you get married by marrying their children and make babies. The only reason for allowing you marry their children is such that the money you have saved is unable to be taken out of their country. So, you will come in as a migrant, thinking you have come to work by being a slave to the white man so that you may eventually take your money back to Africa to build your future. This same system introduced you into Marriage Act of Residence, which is a Confraternity. It means if you don’t marry their wives and children, they will not let you stay. The day you marry their wives and children become an entrapment because you are not able to go back to your country. Certainly, you would have become indebted to the system. You are not able to take your money back, the white woman begins to bear children for you. That shows you are not able to go back and your life is useless. At the end of 5-7 years, this same white woman kicks you out of the house and you are useless on the streets. Like I explained, the Marriage Act of Residence is a Confraternity. Blacks do not need to get married when they come here, because they already have their own families back home in Africa. They are only here to work as slaves and go back.  Upon their hard work as security personnel, servants, slaves, cleaners, carers, they (white men) are still not happy. The little money the black man earns, you force them into an oath of Marriage Act of Residence, kill their future.


What is your message to Queen Elizabeth II on this matter?

I am going to be demanding the Queen (British Monarch) to order the immediate release of all our black brothers, black sisters and coloured family: they are not mad. Since the Queen’s government is threatened by the aggression of the black people fighting for their rights, their legitimate rights, that is a problem for the Conservative government. That made them to charter Mental Health Act as a law, where every black man that fights them, they call the black man mad. Rather than the UK Kingdom
deceiving themselves, paying the psychiatric doctors $700 or 500 a night to keep a black man in a Mental Hospital who is not mad, I believe the right thing the Queen should do is to count $700 or 500 every day for the next 3 years. Can you imagine that? That is the amount they pay the psychiatric doctors to keep a black man in the Mental Hospital. All the budgets of UK government are being paid to the psychiatric doctors who would assist them in executing their Legislative Confraternity. It is because of that money, the Mental Hospital would refuse to release the black man. UK government made the psychiatric doctors to get rich. All the governments of Commonwealth nations should ask the UK to release the statistics of all Nigerians in Mental Health Hospitals. They should tell the UK government to release all South Africans in Mental Health hospitals. The Ghanaian government should tell the UK government to release all the Ghanaians in psychiatric hospitals. 90 percent of all Nigerians in Mental Hospitals are not mad, but because this government has orchestrated a Legislative Confraternity, to continue to kill the voice of the black struggle. I know of a doctor, Sergie Grachev, a lunatic psychiatric doctor, that migrated from Russia, who runs a psychiatric hospital in Bracton, which is in Kent. He proudly told me: do you know how much is the bed? The bed goes for 500 Pounds a night. I could not believe it. In 2008, I was told: do you know how much is the bed? The bed goes for 350 Pounds a night. This is where the UK government invests all their pieces of paper called money from their mint-printing machine, because humans have no brain, they are worshiping money. UK government has no civil rights organization being a white man’s land. Civil rights only exist in America and South Africa since those lands don’t belong to the white man. But UK here is their land, they know all the occultism of the ancient rights. They pretend it is conventionality. They can no longer destroy the future of the black people. What I am expecting Parliament to do right now is: to reverse Mental Health Act of 1983. No man has the power to section another man, it is an abuse of the law of Magna Carter. No man has the right to deny
another man his free will, liberty to be free, it is an abuse of laws of Magna Carter. Every black Nigerian brother, sister, children in the Mental Hospital, in relation to all the money the UK government is paying the doctors, it is time for the people of Nigeria to come and take away their children from them. You don’t useless them and get the psychiatric doctors to lock them up for life.
They should now go back to their country. Every psychiatric hospitals should begin to prepare the list of all the Mental Health patients. The coloured people were never mad, they were not mad, but because it is a Legislative Confraternity, they set them up to make them mad. The Queen should know that this has come to an end. Mental Health Act 1983 has to be abolished. Mental Health Act 1983 has to be put to rest. The truth has been unveiled. Commonwealth Citizens’ Doom and Rebirth video has told the story. The doctors that put them in Mental Hospitals are from Asia, Russia and you cannot believe their atrocity. It is the black brothers in those psychiatric hospitals that are helping the doctors to hold down fellow coloured people for them to be injected. These psychiatric doctors are fond of saying ‘Medication Time’. When the black man says ‘I don’t want a medication’, these doctors will press their alarms, then 10 men will come, hold an able man down, inject the coloured man with a chemical
drug. When you see some of these black brothers, they are on the streets as zombies. They have destroyed their future, everybody is afraid. If you as a husband to the woman wants to fight, the wife will also be put in a Mental Hospital. When you are locked in a Mental Hospital, they will say it is a law. Until a doctor pities you by saying: ‘I will let you go’, that is the only time you can be free. Psychiatric patients have no rights in Britain. That is what the UK Border Agency has been using against the coloured people. Whenever they see a black lawyer fighting them, they will send psychiatric doctors to the lawyer’s house. It is sad.

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