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How MTN Is Making SIM Card Sales And Activation Easier For Nigerians


Understanding the peculiarities of the time we live in, the thought of not being able to connect with either your family members, friends, or business associates may be a frustrating moment to imagine. This is because we now live in a digitally connected world that makes us solely reliant on the services of ICT and telecommunications companies for our day-to-day activities. It is based on this understanding MTN Nigeria is constantly improving its service offerings to its customers in order to keep them connected to the world irrespective of the situation.

MTN Nigeria has kept to its longtime brand promise of creating access to innovative ICT-related solutions, while also ensuring the laid-down rules of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) are being complied with. A relatable instance could be seen when the NCC issued a directive in December 2020, ordering all telcos to stop the sales and activation of SIM cards nationwide. Of course! MTN Nigeria, as a compliant brand, obeyed the directive of the NCC until it was lifted on April 19, 2021.

But guess what? The lifted ban on the sale of SIM cards nationwide was accompanied with certain conditions you must meet. This implies that for you to be able to purchase and activate an MTN SIM card, you must have first enrolled for your National Identity Number (NIN). However, if you have not registered for your NIN, you do not have any reason to worry so much. This is because you can easily begin the process and get it done in minutes by just walking into an NCC-approved MTN outlet to get registered. Once that is done, you can then proceed to purchase an MTN SIM card as it would be synced with your NIN.

If you are finding it quite difficult to locate an approved MTN outlet around your locality, MTN has got you covered! Simply log on to https://www.mtnonline.com/sim/ to discover the approved locations close to you today!!!

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