Hurray! Top Journalist, Azuka Jebose Survives COVID-19


This is authoritative. USA-based top journalist and human rights defender, Azuka Jebose, has ‘beaten’ COVID-19 hands down.

The former anchor person of The Punch’s entertainment column, interestingly, escaped the rampaging and ravaging scourge on his 59th birthday – Monday, June 22, 2020.

Hospitalised alongside his wife for 12 days, here is how Mr. Jebose announced his freedom from COVID-19: “Yes, I am back home from the ICU, after 12 days fighting for my life, almost snatched by COVID-19. On my birthday!!!”

Unhappy with the American President, Donald Trump, especially because of how he’s been handling the pandemic, the fearless writer added: “More than 120 thousand deaths in the United States of America, over 2.5 million infected, including me and my wife; as I leave the intensive care unit to my comfortable home these finest hours, I just want this iconic middle finger as a defiance to Donald Trump and his fake covid 19 disinformation peddling. This sh.. is real…”

Jebose’s daughter, Nneka, had on Sunday, June 21, ‘taken over’ his Facebook page to share this with his friends and followers: FATHERS DAY MUSINGS FROM WAKEMED:

Hey Facebook. Nneka Jebose Molokwu here, doing my best to update y’all in the same way dad would (tried my best with the title). Dad has asked me to let everyone know that he’s continuing to receive care in the hospital and will likely be there for a few more days. He wants to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers for his recovery, as well as for his wife, myself, and my siblings.

Today I spoke with my dad on the phone for the first time in several days, and I can say that he’s finally starting to sound a bit more like himself. However, because he’s still recuperating, he isn’t able to spend much time on the phone, and thus unable to answer most calls.

It wouldn’t be a true update from my dad if I did not share these words from him: “Tell them not to believe in that Moron Donald Trump who claimed that Coronavirus was dying and going away. He needs to be infected so he could feel the anguish of patients, their families, and the caregivers. Those fools going to his Rally should first stop by any iCU in the hospital where they live before going to become political idiots and possibly die for an Idol who couldn’t give a damn if they lived or died.”

I think this is the part where he’d say “Stay with me.” Happy Father’s Day and Happy Sunday.

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